Cardas Clear vs Furutech Lineflux

I have the chance of buying either at a very good price, I have heard both but cannot make up my mind, I have an all Cardas Golden Cross setup in my system at present.

What are others opinions of these cables?
Cardas Clear balanced XLR interconnects made a significant difference to my system. Not sure how much going from single ended to balanced was responsible?
Cardas Clear speaker cable did not make such a great difference.
What are you missing with the Golden Cross?
Nothing really, I just need a new interconnect as I have a new source
I own both (ics) and the Clear is "clearer." Less bloat and better focus. YMMV.
I have heard that the Lineflux has more detail - transparency, the cardas warmer?
I would recommend to stay with cardas....synergy is very important