Building my 1st real system. Need advice. Hoping to pair Luxman507uxii/Dyaudio Evoke20.

Hi everyone!

Hoping the Luxman 507uxii and Dynaudio Evoke 20 would play nicely together and give me the sound I'm looking for.  I plan on auditioning anything I buy beforehand, mind you. Still, I want to have different combinations in mind before I start shopping around. I listen to a decent amount of heavier music, and the source material and the recordings aren't always the greatest. There aren't any tidal masters for much of what I listen to in this genre lol. I previously had the Kef LS50W, and this kind of music was definitely its weakest point. I also listen to a lot of 80's rock/New Wave/Old Industrial/Goth/Electronic. I want a system to be smooth, slightly colored, and pretty forgiving of bad source material. Nothing too transparent or dark. Vocals prominence in the mix is also required. I've heard systems where the vocals are subdued, and I hate it. Decent Bass and Sub-bass performance as well. Subwoofers and Floor-standers aren't really an option right now, so I know my performance in this category will be limited. The first pairing at the top of the pile is obviously the Luxman 507Xii and Dynaudio Evoke 20's.
I was also looking at the Naim Uniti Nova, but it's such a tech-focused system. It will probably have a new iteration in a year. For the streamer/DAC I would keep it simple initially and get the 2021 blue sound node. I can look into adding a proper Dac like the Denafrips Ares 2 down the road. I don't care for Roon, so any streamer I will use would just implement Tidal Connect/Spotify Connect natively and my personal music library.  I'd like to bypass the app for the streamer as much as I can.
I also heard good things about the Lumina D2, and that its DAC can be pretty forgiving with low-quality/compressed music sources, but I'm a little worried about connectivity/latency issues with it. The bluesound is a pretty mainstream product, so I'm hoping it will be pretty smooth/forgiving too.  I also have a Technics 1500C, but my listening is probably 70-80 percent streaming 20 percent vinyl.

Any advice/input is welcome!

Other Speaker considerations

1. Buchardt S400 (Hard to test out)
2.Sonus Faber Sonetto ii(would be great with vocals, but I don't know how it would do with low quality heavy distorted guitars)
3.KLH Model 5( Very curious about these. The consensus seems pretty divided amongst users on how they perform with poorly recorded rock/metal music). They've received nothing but praise from most of the popular youtube reviewers, but that really means nothing lol.

Other Amp considerations

Naim Uniti Nova
Musical Fidelity M5 or M6si
Parasound Halo Hint 6


For your music I’d highly recommend the ATC SCM7 or SCM19 if you can stretch a bit.  They’ll blow you away with rock, electronic, etc., and although they’re more in the neutral camp pairing them with the Luxman and a good R2R DAC would likely produce a very natural yet still extremely dynamic sound.  You can get both the Luxman and ATC from Music Direct, and they have a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so that might give you an opportunity to demo them with low risk.  But, I think this combo will exceed your expectations by a good margin and highly doubt you’d return anything.  Hope this helps, and best of luck. 

I ran a combo of Musical Fidelity A5 integrated and ATC SCM11v2 for about 2 years.  It was a very good match; the grunt and grip of the A5 powered the ATCs with very satisfying sonics.  The ATCs are incredibly fast and resolving - but not bright.

The only drawback of the ATCs is they do need a sub to round out the low end and they do need some volume to 'wake' them up.  I found at mid to higher volumes the ATCs are amazingly good.

I then upgraded the MF A5 integrated to the Luxman L-509x.  And they took the ATCs to a different level of performance. 👍

But, in the end, I wanted a better pairing and went with Audio Note AN-K/Spx SE.  Very happy with this!


I don't know much about ATC , but it's piqued my interest! I will do some research on this line and see if I can check them out locally first.
Unfortunately, I just found that the Luxman 507XII is discontinued and will be upgraded mid 2022. Music directly had it listed as no longer available, so I contacted Luxman America directly and inquired. I'm stunned since the Mark 2 507 isn't that old! When I first saw the no longer available banner, I assumed they meant no stock or something. Pretty bummed now.
 I need to determine what I'd be gaining/giving up if I went with the 505 VS 509 for the style of music I listen to. 509 is definitely above the allocated 8-10k budget I promised myself I'd stick too so unless I received a steep dealer discount or open box (which I'm very cautious of) it's highly unlikely a 509 is in my immediate future! Also, I have a real soft spot for the blue VU meters! 

I pinged a somewhat local dealer today to ask if they had any old stock of the 507xii, but I'm not optimistic. I just need to determine how much of a compromise the 505 would be for my personal preferences. 

The only recommendations you will get here  are what people already own or have owned. 

"...The only recommendations you will get here  are what people already own or have owned..."

Better than any other audition.... 

Take a look at Raven Audio.  They have a very nice line of affordable and great-sounding integrated tube amps, cables and speakers within your budget.  They also have a 45-day money-back guarantee.  Call Dave Thomson at Raven.  You will be surprised at the quality of sound from Raven.  I think you can get the amps, speakers and cabling for under 10K and they would be coherent with each other.  If DAve is not available try James Connell, one of the other owners.  Look at their website.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Ended up really liking the Evoke 20/Luxman combo. I think I’ll be able to live with this pairing for awhile. Was tempted to start considering floor standers but feels like overkill for the room size. Next step is to decide on the Dac/Streamer.

So you purchased the Luxman 505?

No, I purchased the 507XII. I've been calling around to see if any dealers had any still available, and a dealer not far from me had a brand new sealed one. Not that many Luxman dealers near me, so I sort of lucked out.

.Sonus Faber Sonetto ii(would be great with vocals, but I don't know how it would do with low quality heavy distorted guitars)

Sonus faber. would be fine, any speaker will work well with your 507.

Evokes will arrive at the shop in about a week. They didn’t have the finish I wanted. I think I have a nice little system now!

Glad to hear you got the Luxman you wanted. 

Thanks. Looking forward to my system. Still working on figuring out the dac/streaming situation though!