Bob Welch RIP

Evidently, he killed himself today...per Rolling Stone.

Welch had a couple of solo hits (Sentimental Lady) and also had a nice run with Fleetwood Mac. He wrote the wonderful song "Hypnotized" and a fair bit of the rest of "Mystery To Me", IMHO one of Fleetwood Mac's very best LPs. It's sad that he's gone.

The Fleetwood Mac guitar players have had a pretty rough run. Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, and Danny Kirwan all had serious mental health issues and now this.
Self-inflicted gunshot wound, in Nashville. Sorry to hear the news. I hope he finds the peace in the next world that he didn't have here.

I second that "Mystery To Me" was a great LP. "Hypnotized" was my introduction in Fleetwood Mac.
I remember way back when his big solo album (French Kiss?) came out, and it seemed like every song became a hit single. I remember saying to friends that he must feel like the luckiest guy on earth. I guess I was wrong.
Still, I would be surprised if he wasn't still living off that money, unless he had a bad record deal, or blew it all.
Very sad indeed. Saw him live, back in the beginning of his solo career.

I was just listening to Future Games on vinyl...brilliant record.

Sad indeed. I always thought Fleetwood Mac went to hell after Bob Welch left.
Very sad news.

I read earlier today that he had some recent undisclosed/unconfirmed health issues.
yep, Future Games, brilliant
I'm listening to "French Kiss" right now.
Rest in Peace.
Sad to hear how he went

His life brought us happiness

I really love Future Games and Kiln House
Bob Welch was with Fleetwood Mac for five albums: Future Games, Bare Trees, Penguin, Mystery to Me and Heroes Are Hard to Find.

Kiln House wasn't one of them, although an excellent album.

I realized my mistake after posting but (darn it) I could not go back and edit it.

I meant to say Bare Trees

also, Mystery to Me I have fond memories of...