Any gillian welch fans?

Maybe I have been living under a rock too long...just discovered this artist and have been blown away...anybody else into this laid back, dust bowl, summertime on the porch, mint julip hootenany sound?
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I have her "Hell Among The Yearlings" and "Revival". Haven't listened to her in awhile though. Still enjoying the new Rosanne Cash. Gillian is good though. Glad you found her.
Liked what I've heard need to check her out in more detail.
Check her latest, "Soul Journey"(Acony Records), it's really good. Saw her live at The Roxy (L.A.)a couple of months ago... She was outstanding. So was David Rawlings who, I believe, is her husband.
I have most of her releases and like everything.

To my ears, I enjoy her voice the more I listen, for some folks, her music may require a few rotations, then see if her music click's in.

Her recordings seam to be simply miked without a lot of added production.

She also performs a few songs live in the "Down From The Mountain" DVD issue and is also in many other group compliation/tribute type CD issues. I should locate a few titles of these tribute type recordings for you and post them later.
I've seen her live 5 or 6 times, but am really only enamored with REVIVAL & SOUL JOURNEY, REVIVAL is trancendental...(4 of the songs are in mono)
I stumbled upon the Revelator album and have since purchased every one of her albums. I really like to style and her writing. Her last album is her first "autobiographical" album and it was pretty recorded as is. She's great, but perhaps too dark and slow for some. I like it. I still think revelator is my favorite album.
When I went to the CD store to buy one of hers, after having heard a cut I couldn't remember the title of on the radio, I stood at the rack trying to decide whether to go for "Hell Among the Yearlings" or "The Revelator" since I didn't know anything about either one.

One of the guys who works there happened by and I asked him which one he would recommend. He said, "Doesn't matter, if you buy one you're going to come back and get the other." He was right.
Have every album. Saw her live last year and it was one of the best concert's I've seen in years. Just her and her accompaniest up on stage. Her accompaniest, David Rawlings, is an astounding guitar player. Run, don't walk, to see them play live if you enjoy her music. Wonderful! Definitely dark and slow as Budrew observed. Brilliant writing! Authentic.

I started with "Hell..." and have all the rest. When I saw a 14 minute song "I Dream A Highway" on Revelator, the reaction was no way. But it hangs together and is quite...harrowing.

Loaned "Revival" to my parents (age 77 & 72) about 5 years ago and my mom's reaction was "They play music like choice?" She was floored when I said "Yeah and they wrote it too." For people so young, they thought they were playing Depression era music.

Would love to see 'em live. Yeow!
I love Gillian Welch. Revival is a killer album. Also worth checking out is the version of Beulah Land she does on Avalon Blues, the Mississippi John Hurt tribute album.