Bob Dylan

I just had my jaw drop through the floor!!! Had to share, Bob Dylans Tell tale signs, bootleg series Vol.8 disc two track 13 "the lonesome river" with Ralf Stanely. The whloe cd is good but this track stole the show!!! Hows it sound on vinyl?
This album is unbelievable on vinyl. Columbia does a great job with all the recent dylan lps.
Hello fellow bob fans- I love Tell Tale Signs- and this is his left over stuff! Great mix of traditioanl bluse based music and pop/country/rock.
A great Dylan web site is
The 180G album of Modern Times is nice- I think the CD sounds better.
Max Pain - Thanks for the post. I'd avoided that release because I thought it was just recycled stuff. Bob doesn't really need more of my $. Hadn't read up on it on-line, however, only saw it in the store. Lately, been listening a ton to "Together Through Life". I'll have to check it out after I get "Love and Theft" (yup, I'm a late adopter).
Ghosthouse just sat through the entire "Tpgether through life" Love the accordion on "This dream of you" !!! BD recordings are second to none. It's such an anolog recording relief from the low budjet "Pro tools" stuff you get with a lot of rock recordings today.
Hi Max - I'm a big Los Lobos fan so was happy to see David Hidalgo in the credits. I think that accordion sound throughout has a lot to do with what "makes" TTL what it is. Went to BB today in search of Tell Tale Signs...not in stock, unfortunately. I'll get it from Amazon, I guess.

I too love this collection, would urge you to take a listen to Red River Shore, one of my favorite Dylan songs/recordings ever, and to think he left it off of Time Out Of Mind. His last 5 or so have been at least as good as anything he has ever written, recorded and released.
Oh yes I've many times enjoyed the red river shore. In fact the whole time I've owned this two disc set I've never made it over to disc two. So when I did I was floored!! I'm just blown away on how well this recording sounds. I mean so tonally correct. Spacially correct, unlike my spelling. I just picked up blood on the tracks and all I can say is Bob Dylan never disapoints.

Gohst I saw Los lobos at Rivinia a few years back. Loved them, they opened for Los lonely boys. At first I was baffled, I thought LLB was like this one hit wonder band. Wrong! They were great I became a fan!

So, what would be Dylans best??? Must own stuff, or even in order of worst to best?
thanks for the suggestion, just reserved it at the library. i'm a lifelong dylan worshiper but had not heard this record. look forward to it!
"So, what would be Dylans best???"

Wow...that's tough. This guy has recorded so much, I don't see how to pick a "best"...personal favorites, maybe. For me, probably, "John Wesley Harding", "Blood on the Tracks", "Time Out of Mind", and his latest, "Together Through Life". Ask me next week and it might be a different set of albums. By the way, has anyone heard, "Bob Dylan Live 1975 (The Bootleg Series Volume 5)? This recording really captures the crowd excitement...there's electricity coming off this one.
Dylan's best? Of the 47 or so albums he's put out, I'd estimate that 40 of them are well worth owning if you like him at all.

Aside from the albums that all Dylan fans have (you know which ones those are), a few that I consider to be essential that may have slipped by you, are:

Planet Waves
New Morning
Oh Mercy
Empire Burlesque

Happy Listening.
The last few albums are excellent. However, his best are Highway 61 and Blood On The Tracks IMO.

Perhaps Blonde On Blonde as well.
as much as i love dylan, i'm forced to admit that essentially all his great work was pre-1976 (circa blood on the tracks). he regained some artistic momentum with time out of mind in the late 90s, and his recent records are well produced, very few of the songs seem to stick, whereas his 60s tunes are indelibly etched in my synapses. if nothing else, these recent bootleg issues emphasize just how great his early stuff really was.
Dylan's best is subjective of course, but my favorites, besides the obvious ones most mention, are Oh Mercy, Infidels, and World Gone Wrong.
Amongst the albums already mentioned I am a bit partial to
'At Budokan'.
Regarding, "Tell Tale Signs"...
Picked it up at WalMart (2 CD box) yesterday. Got to say, after listening two nights in a row to only the first disc...this is REALLY good. Very well recorded. More importantly, his unreleased tracks to my mind are as good if not better than the stuff he left in on a given recording. Further, the alternate recordings of previously released stuff are so way-different in arrangement as to sound (to my ear) like completely different songs. Money very well spent. Thanks for the tip, Max pain. I'm enjoying this a lot.