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Options for Ex-Pat in Prague
Thank you for the advice, Schubert. Why is it that I should shop in Berlin? 
Are there any other EAR 834P modders lately?
Just a note... Tube V2 MUST be an ECC83/12AX7 or RIAA equalization will not be done correctly. If your system sounds better with a lower voltage tube in V2, then I'm guessing you prefer boosted highs and muted lows. I've replaced V1 with a 5751 an... 
Rush fans on the board ??
Has anyone downloaded the 24/96khz "Moving Pictures" from HDtracks? Wondering how it sounds... 
the guess who vs the rock and roll hall of fame
RRHOF is irrelavent. Induction is the industry's stamp of irrelevance. Next stop, Super Bowl halftime show. 
Hope for Pearl Jam's Remastered Vs. and Vitalogy?
Those records were recorded to win the loudness war. And I think they won. Great music, but I would expect to bleed from the ears. 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
You've hit upon it, Achilles. Most just post their dislikes without questioning whether the artist was good at what they did. For instance, 2 artists that I really don't care for at all, but I surely acknowledge their great talent:Steely DanEric C... 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
Sure, I'm sick to death of Elton John, too. But no talent? That's just foolish. Remember, he wasn't always a 60-something noodling around with broadway shows. And I continue to be surprised at the sheer number of people who mentioned the Grateful ... 
Band with highest success/talent ratio?
Hmmm... some interesting choices. While Bowie isn't my cup of tea, he does seem out of place in Bill's list. Rush is 3 mindless 3 chord juvenalia? Love them or hate them, they are monster musicians. They might not have a 3 chord song in their cat... 
phono preamp break-in machine
Drubin, the disc being played doesn't change the output voltage of the CD player, so the warning remains valid. Reversed RIAA equalization on the Granite Audio disc allows the CD to be listened to after being put through a phono stage. You can act... 
Graham Phantom , simple tweak for improved sound
I recall reading a post where someone tried the same thing with a VPI tonearm and got the same result. If I remember the post correctly, the person called VPI and Mike told him that what he was hearing was a "pleasing distortion". Maybe it's the s... 
Best Rock Album in 2010
Vampire Weekend - "Contra". 
Balanced SUT, what's available?
Check out Bob's devices. He'll build one with XLR connectors upon request.Tom 
Phono preamp gain setting
40 db is too low for that cart. The MC setting may work perfectly. 
I'll try it again with a 1Khz test tone and report back...Tom 
Low Volumes
As an audiophile, you have one, and only one, option. Move. All that expensive equipment isn't noticably better than a boom box when played at a whisper. Believe me, I know. I moved into a paper-walled condo in 2006 and I think I actually popped t...