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Cartridge for the JMW 10.5i
I would recommend a Benz Micro cartridge based on your requirements. Look at the ACE models or the Wood body models if your budget allows. 
Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use?
Sony SCD XA9000ES. Wondering if the XA5400ES is an upgrade or about the same... anyone? 
Looking for Wagner recommendations
Sometimes it's better to not know much, or anything, about a composer before listening to his/her music. An understanding of Wagner (or anyone) is essential if you are to truly understand his works at a very scholarly level, but not required to en... 
Speed strobe recommendation.
Hi, I have a KAB and it works great, but I still feel kind of foolish for spending $100 for a printed piece of cardboard and a strobe light. I guess that's why we're called audiophools. I haven't used the others.Cheers. 
Artists of the Decade
Matchstikman, Yes, I refer to Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Of all the new release albums I bought this decade, it's the one I would keep if I could only have one. As you don't get Wilco, so I don't get Radiohead. No one is wrong or right. I'm just glad ... 
Artists of the Decade
Hits: Wilco (Had best album of this decade, IMHO) ShinsFlaming LipsDeath Cab for CutieThe many projects of Jack White (Stripes, Raconteurs, etc.)Radiohead (Undeniable, though not my bag) Misses:As with any decade, too many to list here. But I hav... 
What gives? CD’s, Solid State?
I think there's a simple answer here. If you still have records, get a turntable. If not, proceed using the advice already given and try to get the most out of your digital/SS rig. Besides, I would make an educated guess that 90% of your problem w... 
Vinyl and SACD rule when it comes to...
Dmc's experience was/is exactly my own. 
record stores in Chicago
Krelldog, Have you ever bothered to thank the guy who didn't sell you the "We Are The World" record?Glad you had a good time, John. Chicago is tops. Cheers. 
Looking for good quality Bob Seger cds
I have a number of Bob Seger LPs and none of them sounded particularly good. Fair to below average. Considering that, finding a good digital version doesn't seem too likely. Let us know if you find something.  
Double Albums/CDs, curse or blessing?
Most single CD's released in the CD era, if they are released on vinyl, are 2 record sets. How do we account for these? 
New To Vinyl... Seeking Recomendations
Well, this has to be the first time I've seen "Abbey Road" referred to as "The CD with 'Come Together' on it." Just some good-natured ribbing, Ponnie. Hope you don't mind. But... he WAS looking for vinyl recommendations. That band that had John ... 
Phono.. does this mean?
And don't let Doug scare you out of it, either. ;) For 99% of the population before the advent of CD, Vinyl WAS plug-and-play. Here on the 'GoN, you're talking with the other 1%. The perfectionists. Keep that in mind. So go for it. Cheers.Tom 
Is Pass Labs Xono An Overkill For Rega P5 TT?
It is by no means overkill. You have a table and cart capable of great performance. You should have a phono stage that allows you to fully experience it. That said, the XONO may expose weaknesses downstream... Cheers 
Next Analog Steps: VPI Scout Users
Based on your priorities, I would suggest a Lyra cartridge.Cheers.