Dylan live now

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I saw/heard the latest version of Dylan's tour with Charlie Sexton back in the band Monday evening in Seattle. Having seen him maybe 6 times in the past 4 years, I can say that there is a new energy and excitement in these shows. He and Charlie have a connection that causes the music and performances to go to a higher level. Its as if Charlie is not afraid of Bob, and instead is a friend of his, and moves in on him and challenges him to even higher levels of performance, whether its in his singing, guitar playing, harmonica playing, organ playing, and yes even dancing a bit. Truly a remarkable artist now at the top of his game. I urge all fans to experience this while its out there.
"At the top of his game"? Out of curiousity how old are you?30s?
Hi Casey33,

I am 57.
Dylan has been in/out of his game ever since he began. That's part of the mystique; you never know how or what he will do next. Even in a single performance he can turn on you, and plunge into the unexpected This is not news though....
Saw Dylan live last about 5 years back at the new arena in Philly. Not sure exactly who was in his band then, but that is one band that I could have sat and listened to jamming all day. They were like a machine once they got into gear on a riff. Same true on most new Dylan tracks over the last 10 years or so. Dylan is one artist that for me it would be a letdown to hear him just go out and perform his older better known tunes. That would be relatively boring. HE is a guy who of late seems to always be looking to move on to something a tad different, yet familiar, drawing upon a huge variety of musical influences and always surrounding himself with top notch musicians. I truly admire him more so of late than probably ever before. A true legend in his time!
Glad to hear that-I saw Bob near the end of the European tour this year and it was a tired performance on every level. Since 2002 the shows have been getting gradually worse-glad to hear its picking up again.
Dylan is a chameleon,a genius period.
"Dylan is a chameleon,a genius period."

I agree with that.
It seems that the general agreement among anyone you talk to is that there are times when Dylan has excellent performances and that there are other times when they are not good at all.
good is subjective, his performances are ALWAYS different. He
operates on a different set of standards that mere mortals cant understand.
A news program played a couple brief excerpts from his forthcoming Xmas album. They reported that his portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity, but Oh-man, did he sound bad.
Yes, his voice these days is worse than ever.

As has always been the case with Dylan though, his voice is what it is and lately it adds an additional layer of grit to whatever he performs, for better or for worse. I actually find it better and nicely suited to the material.
"I actually find it better and nicely suited to the material."

Not "Jingle Bells"
The Christmas album is real hard work.

And that's me being kind.
I've heard clips only from the Christmas album. I'm a pretty big fan but probably wouldn't pop for it, but it's just not very close to Christmas yet either! It's pretty cheesey but hey, it's for a good cause and I think Bob was just having a bit of fun.

That being said, I've read recent reviews of shows with Charlie Sexton in the band suggesting exactly what the OP has said. Face it, Dylan is an acquired taste, certainly not one to make everyone happy. I saw him about a year and a half ago and the show was excellent, about 3 years ago just so-so. But I think now is the time to see him and Charlie Sexton is a big part of it.

In terms of voice, Bob has turned into Howlin Wolf lite, which is not a bad thing, and recent reviews suggest there is an energy and passion to his performances that has not been there for awhile. At 68, he could drop dead anytime or simply stop touring, so now is the time to see him. There is only one Bob and there may never be anything again quite like him.

I've got 3rd row centre seats for a Nov. 7th show! I'm hoping it's one of his good nights.
Well, I haven't heard the Christmas album.

Dylan does Jingle Bells? Hmmmm...why not?
I have 4 copies of the Christmas album-it is a classic.

I probably shouldn't have specified Jingle Bells. I don't know if it's on the album. Sorry if I misled anyone.
If they had Harry Connick it would be epic. Maybe they could do a buddy movie driving cross country in a Cadillac.