dylan mono box set

Looking for opinions as to the dylan mono box set. Is is excellent ala the beatles mono box or terrible ala exile on main street remaster?
I haven't bought the box set...yet but I got the best of mono disk...which is cheap and gives a taster....it seems of a similar quality to The Beatles........
Incredible music!
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YES! the (3) must-have Mono Bpx Sets are;
Miles Davis
The Beatles
Bob Dylan

if you can afford them all, buy the import from Japan- worth every penny, IMO. Excellent music and Outstanding sound-quality. Buy them now!

Happy Holidays!
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Very nice! Scott-

The Coltrane -Side Steps is on my must-buy list as well.
Get the Japan imported versions, if you can. I am looking forward in 2015, as to, which box sets will be released!
Happy Listening!