electric ladyland/exile on main st

Have the 2 cd German poly cd, 07 Japan cd, 2010 cd v, and orig vinyl 2 lp set...is there a non muddy version? Jimi complained of this when they pressed it...07 import is the best I have...but still is dark with plenty of tape hiss...ditto for Stones....best versions?
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The recent Legacy Electric Ladyland is incredible sounding. And the original US Exile is fabulous (reissue is junk, read Fremer's review).

Good luck finding a good US original pressing Exile. Go to Amazon now and get the Electric Ladyland. Now.
I remember reading that Electric Ladyland was originaly equalized to sound good on AM radio!

the horror!

sorry I can not help with your question.
I have the SHM import of lady...prefer it over the current legacy issue...but its close...I actually listened it today...its been awhile...its actually very spacious with good separation and at times clarity...however...the bass is all.over the map...and since some tracks were done in London...the two most commercial and best sounding IMHO...crosstown t. and watchtower...its a bit uneven sonically...but a great headphones lp