Best type of stylus cleaner??

Hi. I've recently delved back into vinyl after many years. I have an Ortofon Samba MC cartridge. Maybe its an indictment of our housekeeping, but the needle seems to accumulate a lot of dust & tiny hairs or fibers, even after one or two records. I try to clean it after each play, but some of the dust/hairs are difficult to remove. I don't have the best record cleaner (SpinClean), but the dust seems excessive. Ortofon warns of using liquid cleaners; is there a consensus stylus cleaner or brush out there?? Is my problem unusual? Thanks.
look in the archives for Magic Erasure, works for me and is very affordable.
I use the Magic Eraser followed by the Zerodust. No fluid to coat things. The combo is very effective.
I like the zerodust.
I use the mobile fidelity LP cleaner #9 with great results.

Some of you may have noticed, but I accidentally posted two threads with the same question. I didn't think the first one posted, so I wrote another one. Anywho, the concensus is clearly the Mr Clean "Magic Eraser" and the Zerodust. Compulsive as I am, I'll likely alternate both. Thanks everyone! That's what makes Audiogon such an asset!
I just picked up a Zerodust the other day - I was amazed at the glob of gunk that was left behind on the first use (and I had used a liquid cleaner on it just before). My cart sounds awesome too. Well worth the $ (I get the impression it'll last for a long time too).
Now get the Magic Eraser and be really amazed. Follow it up with the Zerodust.
Best is AT-637
Mr.Clean is all you'll ever need.
I use Stylast 5 and think it works just fine.
I'll second the recommendation of Stylast #5. Works very well in conjuction with a cleaning brush with the short tightly packed nylon bristles. Like the old SC-1 Discwasher brush or the up to date equivalents sold at various retailers.
I guess I would be a little concerned using an industrial based cleaner (Mr. Clean) on my expensive cartridge; but thats me I guess.

There is no liquid involved. It's basically a dry sponge-like abrasive pad with ultra fine fibers. Check the thread archives.
Chuck - Your concern is certainly justified regarding Mr. Clean liquid cleaners, but the references here are to using the Mr. Clean 'Magic Eraser' product for stylus cleaning. The original version of these is white and is chemical free. There have been many discussions here about it and it has been deemed perfectly safe when properly used, by just lowering your stylus into the pad several times and then brushing lightly to remove any residue.
Thanks, I guess I'll give it a try...