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Upgrading cartridge used or new?
An honest seller, would reimburse you, if not satisfied. 
Where stands the music of Chet Baker with you?
Whether you care for him or not, his "almost blue", will get to anyone, that ever had a lost love, and haven't we all? It's on youtube. 
Best Classical to "broaden" listening arena?
If you have a public library near you, most let you check out classical music cd's and see what you are drawn to. 
Best type of stylus cleaner??
Mr.Clean is all you'll ever need. 
Can you recommend some classical CD's for me?
Head to your local library. Take out some classical cd's and explore. You can even make copies, of the one you like. 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
Costco has Sobieski deal. 1.75 liters for $19.75RatingsSobieski 95Robert Cavalli 92Stolichnaya 92Pinnacle 91svedka 88 
Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov
I love this piece, and haven't heard a bad one. Some are better than others,but I can't get enuf. 
Susan Tedeschi
Just Won't burn is my favorite too. 
The Best CD player under $1000.
I second Gonglee3's post Sony PS1 for $30.00 will blow away many, many high end CDP's. 
"Pictures at an Exhibition"
Just listened to Ormandy on vinyl, (grey 2 eye stereo), Absolutely fantastic. 
Steam cleaning records 2
Halcro, I agree with you that, all that is needed is a steam rinse and a water rinse. I have not found that purchasing expensive cleaning fluids, is not needed for me. I use reverse/osmosis water (R/O). Pet stores that sell tropical fish, usually ... 
Steam cleaning records 2
The old thread was so large, so now we can continue as a tribute to Creml. 
Deep Cleaning Records With Steam?
Tvad, do yourself a favor. Buy another type of record cleaner cleaner. From the context of your posts, STEAMING IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!!! And probably no record cleaning system will satisfy you. Cd's might be a good venue for you or maybe bowling. 
Do you have a secret "guilty pleasure" recording?
The Four Freshman 
Denon DP-62L users out there?
The DP-62L has permanent lubrication. the manual says this. The motor bearings are treated with a special oil, there is no need to oil the the motor at any time.