best matching full range speakers for sx880 pioneer (60W rms per channel)

advice for decent full range

at the low end the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR were designed by Andrew Jones and are a significant performer for the price
Source Loudspeaker Technologies 7211's $2500 and made in America check them out.
polk model 10--a hundred bucks or so on ebay
Thanks guys the polks seems pretty retro audio and good reviews and cheap but how do i know they have original drivers and  refoamed are ok the SLT  7211 out of my budget, other retro decent speakers no more that 300 bucks.
Pioneers with 4" Woofer wont able to goes more that 55hz down , cant reproduce big rock drums and tuba sound Thanks
Infinity Interlude IL40, -6dB @ 35Hz, hard to beat at a used price of under $300
Polk makes a $300 speaker with a 6-1/2" mica-reinforced poly driver
ELAC has one with a 6-1/2" aramid-fiber driver
- either should be pretty stiff

also, see what JBL, Epos & Cambridge Audio have

you can do pretty well these days for low bucks, but you will give up SQ in the mid-range to get the low freq.s

or call up Andrew Jones and tell him you've got another challenge for him...

For $300 some used Cerwin Vegas. That would do the trick if you want full range sound. They won't be the most refined things around but they sound pretty good, fun, and probably the closest to full range you are going to get in the $300 range. 
The large Advent would be a nice fit. Plenty on Ebay within your budget!
I have the SX-680 version (45 wpc) and have had it paired with both my JBL L40 and ADS L520 speakers for many many years. I slightly prefer the ADS sound for its less fatiguing tone but the JBLs sound more dynamic. These receivers deliver surprisingly good balanced sound. You just need to decide what kind of sound you're looking for in a speaker. There's an ADS L810 listed right now for $275 and could sound real nice with your SX-880. Great speakers with particularly solid bass.
Had a 50 wpc pioneer of that vintage (SX-950 TW) or something like that back in day.  Large Advents were the go to at that time. 
Nostalgic is nice and dreamy while thinking
Performance and sophistication is preferable when listening
 you make the choice.
If it matters a 30 year old pair of properly set up Vandersteens 2Cis about 500 bucks will smoke all your dreams into a great listening expierience.
Best ,
Thanks guys for your helpful comments i m thiking about the ADS  i like soft sound instead of JBL its highs are really high .
on the other hand new cheap bookshelf speakers with new materials and wonderful crossover have better sonic signatures but need a sub to complete the full range anyway i dont like subs or the "2.1" system but with my budget maybe push me to do that
As a new owner of a pair of 30 year old 2Cis, I concur with Johnny R's assessment. I'm now tempted to hook up my SX-680 to these speakers just to see how they sound.....
Kalali i m very excited about your next experience hooking Pioneer receiver and the Vandersteens 2Cis let us know and Thanks