best Integrated amp under 4000$

Looking for the best integrated amp to power my Totem winds. This will be dedicated strictly for a 2 chanel system. Presently looking at Pathos Logos would like more suggestions before i decide on this.
A used BAT VK-300x would be under $4000. If you're into vinyl, add a phono module, and I think you would be done for a very long time.
Totem used to manufacture their own integrated. Actually I think it was made for them by Sim Audio. It is discontinued now, but you may be able to find a used one. I would imagine it would be difficult to find a better match for your Totems than that.
ARS Sonum Filharmonia if a line stage only will work for you.
I dont need phono so keep the suggestions coming.... thanks guys
| really dont think the Ars-Sonum is strong enough to drive my difficult winds though not nearly enough power.
LFD Mistral. It is to my ears as close to tubes as you can get without the problems/challenges of tubes.

Beautiful sound.
For a good match from both a power and tone perspective, I'd look into either the LFD Zero LE III, or the Blue Circle Audio DAR (or the FtTH if you can find one used). Both pieces will work sublimely with the Winds.

Now, if you want a more "tell it like it is" presentation, with only a touch of warmth, scour audiogon for a used McIntosh MA6600.

If you are the patient sort and are lucky enough to have an AMR dealer close by, I'd suggest waiting up for AMR's new integrated, the 777, to start hitting the shelves. Their current products make for a splendid match with The Winds. The only problem is that they cost nearly as much as a new car. The latest stuff is quite a bit more attainable.

Good luck in the hunt!
VAC Avatar or Mac 2275. If the Totems are tough on tubes, I would look into the Pass Integrated.
Art Dudley was wowed by the Winds with Bryston at the Montreal show. Bryston makes an integrated, though I am not sure if it incorporates the latest upgrades they have made to their standalone power amps. Today's Bryston sound is not the Bryston of old and the brand had a lot of momentum with their new amps and fabulous digital products.
zh 270 period
Jadis used DA60?
Ok just went to listen to Audio Research VSi 60 and was really amazed of what it can do. The dealer is making me a great deal and taking in a cd player that i wanted to sell for more money that i can get for it. Total cost 3200 tax inc in cdn funds. Feed backs plllllllllllssssssssss
I had the VSI-55 and found it had a great 3d picture and great bass authority. I eventually found that I wasn't listening to the cd's in my collection that have great vocals, soloists, or small jazz.

I think it had to do with a slight lack of midrange texture that I find important. I changed the stock tubes and it was better still a little cool. I decided to change it for another amp.

I think it is a very fine amp but it didn't have the mids and the transparency I wanted. Perhaps a mismatch in my system. You can pick up a slightly used vsi-55 for around 2k. I've heard the better ARC reference stuff in a few systems and was very impressed with all aspects.
What did you end up getting?
VAC Avatar SE. I changed out the stock tubes with NOS Bugle Boy (don't remember specifics). Are you sure a tube amp can drive those speakers? 87db, do you know the impedance curve?

Can you try to bring a couple of amps home for a few days?
i owned the vsi55 & agree w/all the comments posted recently,,,,alittle hot on the top end & lacking midrange texture, great bass & drive though.......all in all a little dry & not quite 20/20 vision if you know what i'm trying to relate. a cary sli-80 walks all over it for musicality & refinement however probably doesn't have the horsepower req'd for totems. perhaps a bat integrated?
Luxman's 100 watt or 20 Class A or McIntosh 6300.
hi Bjesien

Yes the dealer is giving me a 30 day grace periode trial, i also spoke with him today and told me he had 87db speakers in the store which were hard to drive even with a statement amp and the AR did an amazing job holding its end.
Well after much debate i have made up my mind. I will be stearing away from the tubes just because of lack of power. I have opted to go with a Bryston Bp 26 with dac incorporated and Bryston's 4b sst square. Thanks for all the patients and knowledge to the forums on audiogon. I should get the 4B sst in about 2 weeks and will keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone.
For about the same price as the new Bryston stuff, you could also consider a used Pass Labs INT-150 integrated amp (~$4500 used). The Pass doubles power as impedance is halved, which the 4B SST does not, and the first 15 watts are Class A.
Bryston and Totem? You kinda went the complete opposite direction there. Man... that's a tough combo. Good luck.
Actualy its a great combo so much so that Vince had it set-up that way at the CES show in Montreal this yr. And Vince personaly recomended it to me due to my budget. In case you dont know Vince is the founder of Totem.

Here is the link , just scroll down to the bottom of the page.
I know who Vince is. Anyways, I hope the combo works out for you.
Thank you. Picked up my bp26 tonight next have to wait for the 4b sst square