who makes those under the sub bass traps?

while surfing today, i came across these bass traps that go under the subwoofer. i could have sworn that it was rpg, or asc, but i now i can't find them. could anyone provide a link? there were 17", 20" and another larger model. i'll send a copy of "heavy weather" to the first one who can help me out. while i'm at it, anyone have
any feedback about the effectiveness of these vs. conventional tube traps (echobuster, asc, etc.)?

aloha keith

never mind, i found the site. although if anyone has any comments on these traps i'd appreciate it.

aloha keith
Care to share the address of the site you found??

I'm sure Atagi won't mind if I answer for him:


Does anybody know what the price is for these??
i'll call them tomorrow am for price.

aloha keith
Found the price list. You can download it from here:


IMO, this thing is not really an effective tool, as it's possing to be from my impression. It looks like it just gets the sub off the floor. What that does is puts the sub acoustically higher in the room, yes, lessening the floor floor to ceiling bass mode(s) somewhat(largely depending on ceiling hight mind you), and not much else!
If your thinking it's going to work like a bass trap, think again. This is nothing more than a pedestal for your sub from what I can gather.
realistically, to do effective bass absorbtion, as implied from the name, it would have to be much much larger/thicker to effectively absorb excess bass in a room! a little cube isn't going to do anything to ameliorate bass energy, sorry.
Often, yes, you can reduce the boundary reinforcment multiplication by moving a sub away from boundaries as well...in this case, by moving the sub off the floor. With an 8 foor ceiling, you'd be lessening the 71hz bass mode by a few decibles by getting the sub another foot and a half off the floor, yes. Not much else however. (most people aren't play9ing their subs over 80).
To me, this product is barely worth a try. I'd just try moving the sub off the floor first to compare before plunking down the cash on a cool looking pedestal....because that's all this thing really is. Heck, email www.rivesaudio.com and ask him what he thinks. He's also an acoustical guy.