Best CHEAP floorstanders?

What are the very best biwireable / biampable floorstanders, 90 dB efficient (or better), that have a RETAIL price of $750 (or less)?
The NHT 2.5i and usually be gotten on Audiogon for around that price. Very good sound and looks.
shop for Triangle Zephyr or Ittoh used. They're damn efficient since they've no xover.
PSB Image 4T
See the review in the Archives, check the measurements for efficiency. a local sroe here in NH has them for sale at $499. A friend bought them and they sound very good. Neutral and not boomy.
PSB Image 4T (
which list for $649. And the larger 5T is only $799.

If you'll consider used instead of new, the possibilities are much greater. You may be able to snag a pair of Triangle Antal XS speakers within your budget.
Try the KEF Cresta III's. I have a pair and am selling a pair too. I have to say these are great Two-Way speakers!! I have had a pair of PSB Stratus Bronze speakers and the KEF can hang in there with them! If you haven't yet tried them, don't knock them.
JPW millenium series has some outstanding cheap loudspeakers
Give a listen to the PSB's and the NHT 2.5i's. Both are good but the NHT's have considerably more bottom end. I have listened to both, but preferred and purchased the 2.5i's.

Some find the NHT's 'bright', but this has a lot to do with associated source, wires and amp. ...A good match is a must.

If you are considering the 2.5i's make certain that you already have (or attain) enough amplifier power. The 2.5i's need an amp with serious control (damping factor). When I first owned my 2.5i's I got away with 70 watts via a Sim Audio I-5 & Rega Planet, paired with Goertz MI-2 wires. Despite being low wattage the I-5 did an admirable job of controlling the 2.5i's. BUT… if you really want the 2.5i's to perform at their full capabilities give them 200 watts a side. It doesn't have to be mega-buck brand X name power (NAD would probably do for you - re: your bang to buck request).

Prior to getting rid of the 2.5's on a whim I bi-amped them with 285 watts (into 6 ohms)to the woofers and 180 watts (into 6 ohms) to the mid/tweeter section. It was in a word amazing! Everything improved. ...And though some would say this is overkill I would tell those folks that it took quite a few thousands more to make a difference that was head and shoulders better in all respects.

There isn't much out there that can touch the 2.5i's for the $... especially for the prices you can find online. While the 2.5i's are far from perfect (need so much power) you can improve the sound quite dramatically with upgrades (as finances permit) all it takes is the $, time and patience. And THAT is quite a bit of the fun of it all.

As for others if you can... also check out the Meadowlark Kestrel/hotrod or Totems (though more $ to performance ratio).

Have you considered the Meadowlark Kestrals? Though not 90db they are easy to drive and sound great. Transmisson line and the xover is on the bottom of the cabinet. You should be able to find a used pair for the price you stated. Excellent spkr for the money.
I second the recomendation for the Meadowlark Kestrel. They are also quite easy to setup.
Tannoys release of their Mercury M-series brought them back to the top sellers list in the European market:

Take a look at the MX-4, which runs about $730 for a 91db 8ohm floor stander... pretty nice looking as well

Or, their MX-3 at $530... however, I believe its rated at 89db...also 8ohm...

Then their is Axiom Audio... a Canadian company I believe..their Millennia M40Ti comes in at about $470 for a 93db, 8ohm floor stander...

You specifically asked for a $750 RETAIL CAP, so that is what I provided... You have plenty more choices in the used market...good luck
Get the Wharfedale Emerald97's or Emerald95's. Wharfedale is a british speaker company adn they are very reputable. Both of these models are biwireable. They have a real wood cabinet and they look great and of course sound awesome. The difference between the two is the 97's have two 6.5 in drivers and the 95's have one 6.5 in driver. You can get the 97's on for $700 and the 95's are $400. These speakers are affordable and have very good quality. I have the 97's for my mains and 95's for my rears and an emerald center channel speaker and my thx system cranks. If I had to do it all over again I would do the same. The perfect tower speaker for the buck.
the emeralds are also have a 95 db rating
vandesteen 2ci
Saw Hales Revelation 3 on A'gon a week or so back for 1150/pr.
There's a deal!
PSB Image 4T. $650 retail you can find them for under $500 delivered ( An overall decent speaker, particularly for HT since it provides reasonable bass output for a speaker its size.
I also recommend buying used, and I'll third the Meadowlark Kestrel recommendation. I also highly recommend checking out Mission 752 or 753 speakers. They usually sell in that range used, and they're VERY underappreciated in this country.
Excellent recommmendations above. I'll second the Triangle Zephyr.
Try the Infinity IL-40.
Motion passed.
Try the Paradigm Monitor 7's. They're even under the budget.
Monitor Audio 5i's. They retail for $999, but my dealer sold them to me for $850, and I've heard of other dealer's selling them for as low as $700 (new). They're efficiency isn't 90db, but it's close at 89db. They're set up for bi-wiring/amping, and can be loaded w/ sand or leadshot. I think they sound great, though they lean SLIGHTLY on the brighter/analytical side. My warm sounding Audio Refinement Amp (50watts/ch) takes the edge off the speakers nicely (I'm using a Cambridge Audio D500 CDP for the source, and transparent audio cables to hook it all up). Reviews on this speaker have been great. I think the best thing about this speaker is its transparency. I can easily hear the difference in sound when I make changes/tweaks to the system. Check out some of the responses in my recent thread (half page below yours), "Should speakers come first in gradual upgrade", for other people's impressions of the Monitor Audio 5i's. They're also beautiful speakers with book-matched real wood veneers and are designed/made in England.

Happy Hunting,
2 - 6 1/2" mids and titanium tweeter for $649.
Sound Dynamics RTS7, RTS9 or RT100P.