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Cables for Merlin VSM-MXe speakers
A little late with this post, but I also highly recommend the TG Audio cables. I have Merlin VSM-M and use them with an Alta Vista Audio NP100 amp (totally rebuilt Counterpoint SA-100). I used Cardas Golden Refs for a few years and liked them, but... 
Merlin VSM-MM v. VSM-MX
You're right Tabl10s...I meant plain old "M".See...I'm so content with my Merlins that I don't even know what upgrades are out there anymore. :-)Phil 
Merlin VSM-MM v. VSM-MX
I had my original VSM-SE pair upgraded to MM (tube harness) several years ago and the difference was worthwhile. I haven't heard the MX. If you're buying used I'd recommend the MM. I've had my Merlins for five years (maybe more?) and have felt no ... 
Kimber PBJ vs DNM Reson interconnects
They're both nice in that price range, but I always thought the DNM were a little more balanced. 
Talking Heads Remastered
That label doesn't do SACD. Heck, Sony doesn't do SACD anymore either (which, I assume, is why the Dylan discs eventually came out in CD only versions). I believe SACD has been officially abandoned by the large labels and will be a niche product o... 
Talking Heads Remastered
The remastered Dualdiscs are supposed to be released individually sometime early-ish this year. 
Will MFSL gold cds sound better on pc audio than
Like Edesilva said...yes, because they are (almost always) mastered better. Most standard CDs (especially rock) issues and reissues are very compressed these days.Phil 
Looking for a tubed Preamp around $2000 Used
A used Counterpoint SA-5000 would be about $1500. It's an excellent preamp and phono stage as-is and amazing when modded by Mike Elliott (Alta Vista Audio).Phil 
Monitor Audio: audiophile quality?????
I checked them out in 1995 and preferred the Mission 753's to Monitor Golds. I bought the Mission and later bought more for various systems. For my tastes, I thought they made some of the best intro to high end speakers. I'm not sure what their cu... 
Todd Rundgren and the Liars tour / New album
Hey Dweller, based on your fave records of his I'd recommend checking "Liars" out. Healer and Acapella are also two of my faves (along with The Ballad of, Something/Anything, a Wizard a True Star, The first Nazz album, etc) and I like Swing to the... 
Tube Rec's for Counterpoint SA-5000 & SA-220
I haven't really swapped mine much. I put some 70s gold pin Mullards in mine a few years ago and they stayed. They sounded much much better than the original Counterpoint tubes and the JJ/Tesla replacements I tried. I did notice slight improvement... 
Denon 2900 w/ external dac
If I were you I'd skip the external DAC (and extra cabling) and have the Denon modded, but that's me. 
Help me choose a new preamp please?
In that price range I'd also consider the Counterpoint SA-5000. It has tubes in the phono, line stage, and power supply. Balanced outs, but no balanced ins or remote. A great mm/mc phono stage too. They usually sell for about $1500 in good conditi... 
Tube stage for CD player?
I think you'd be better off spending the money on a better player. 
Classic Records Zep series ?
Do a search on them...they've been out for a couple of years. I believe people seem to think they were mastered very well (besides the heavy weight virgin vinyl thing). As far as their market goes, I suppose they appeal to anyone that's willing to...