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GR Alpha Speakers
Yes the Alphas are AMAZING. They don't sound like speakers at all - instead they're like you are in the room with the performers.. This is a quality that is hard to describe, proper soundstage heighth, depth, detail, and 'air' in between all of th... 
Might also want to check out the 8 foot Mangnan Signature speaker cables that just came up for sale here for $400.. 
The Martin Logan's absolutely LOVE the Music Metre Signature speaker cables. Interconnects are very good too, new ones go by another name. 
Where have the long-time regulars gone?
That one's easy... everyone who has ever been a serious audiophile is still around and just as addicted as ever, just maybe on a less active, voyeuristic level. It's not an addiction that you ever become completely indifferent about. So the short ... 
Tell me about Pinnacle Classic Gold Towers
No. :-) 
THE Eternal dissatisfied
Joule Electra preamp - Electraglide or TG Audio HSR-A cordLlano Designs amp - TG Audio HSRi or SLVR cordnuff said 
Smallest Bookshelf Speaker Worth Listening To
GR Research Paradox 1 
Does anyone have any impressions of Montana Spkrs?
Ehider. Another simple question - have you ever HEARD the Luxar speakers? Or ANY of the Acoustic-Reality speakers? Just curious.I also think the prices are available now. $20K range (and up) does not appear to be 'WAY less than Montana or Dunlavy.... 
A great DIY line array speaker????
I heard the GR-Research Alphas this past Sunday. VERY VERY nice. Layers of depth, imaging to die for, and so room-filling it was borderline spooky. And being driven by a 30 watt class A amp. I kept feeling that [good] uneasiness that a sharp drum ... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Yeah yeah yeah.... But what about LAST century?? I picked up a Joule Electra LA-100 for $600. Ha! 
To Bi or not to Bi? That is the question
I have found that you can have a LOT of fun if your wife and/or girlfrind are bi. Especially after some Xs and coke.Johnnybravo, peace, love, overandout... 
What's the best mid-range driver available?
oops - forgot one or two.. dynaudio esotar mid dome.., and the seas magnesium cone 4-5".application is the key... duhJBVO - out 
What's the best mid-range driver available?
Agree with most here. ATC dome, also Skaaning (Verity Audio), Eton 5" is damn good, Accuton (Partner/Thiel) concave ceramic dome (in Avalon and LumenWhite) as well, Focal 'W' sandwich drivers are nice and fast, and finally, the ScanSpeaks (new[er]... 
Advise on used 1k to 1.5k pre-amp
Joule Electra LA100 
What Power Cord for Tubed Preamp
Second Marty's observations. Electraglide basic. Wonderful on my Joule Electra.