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Scott Nixon outboard DAC's, any good?
Excellent products and highly recommended 
Small diameter, flexible speaker cable under $200?
The Carolina Audio cables forgive the photos on the sight.. are fantastic and replaced the much more a expensive and bulky Acoustic Zen Satori's in my system and also outperformed the 47Labs cable that I tried as well by quit... 
used DAC for under $350 Channel Isalnd....
I would say that the Scott Nixon Dac's are definately the way to go! 
Smooth jazz recommendations
try some real jazz... Bill Evans trio at the village vanguar, some miles ie the famous kind of blue... or maybe some ecm albums might be a good start Charles Lloyd etc... I have always heard smooth jazz as instrumental pop. the real stuff has so m... 
Quad ESL 63 in smallish room ?
for a similarly transparent sound with much better dynamics and bass with no beaming try the carolina audio jtm's. I longed for some quads till I heard these... they work great in every room I have heard them in for 12 by 13 to 24 by 30. 
Which tube friendly speaker?
Yes those little drivers put out bass and it is the most tonally accurate bass that i have heard. 
K2 remasters?
The manufacturing on the xrcds is higher quality I believe. I am very happy with the K2's ... they are fantastic. 
XRCDs. Which ones would you recommend me?
The Art Tatum Group Masterpieces with Ben Webster. Just a fantastic record. 
Speaker suggestion for Jadis Orchestra Reference
The Carolina Audio JTM's would be a fantastic match and at $1750 are by far the best that I have heard. I have a huge Jazz collection... To hear Dianna Krall "Live in Paris" on these is something to behold. Fantastic transparency with the most ear... 
Vecteur I-6.2 Integrated ?
I own a Vecteur L4 cd player and had many oppurtunities to hear their integrateds when there was a dealer nearby in Hampton NH that carried them. Vey impressive ... easily my choice over the ones you mentioned in the list... I am probably to much ... 
friend is looking for good $800-$1200 cd player
The Vecteur L4 used is really an incredible player and a very well regarded transport as well. Very impressive. 
Rega 25 or VPI Scout
I would go with a planar 3 and spend you money on the cartridge phoni pre and Vacuum record cleaning machine 
Speakers for small room and TUBE AMP? JSM or JTM's with the Jordan driver. 
Entry-level speakers
Clueless.... I saw the pictures posted re your Jordan speakers. I have a soldering iron but a woodshop is another thing altogether. Carolina has done quite a bit of work with the damping and tapering. They also add a lot of pieces to angle off the... 
Entry-level speakers
I have a friend who has the 4T's and they are good for the money. They will leave you with a pretty serious upgrade bug pretty soon though.with your budget this is what I would do. I'd go for a pair of the Jordan single driver based speakers from ...