Best amps to pair with dynaudio C2

Looking for mono blocks to pair with dyn c2s. Budget 5 to 6k max. Cables = analysis plus big silver oval. My thoughts so far:

Parasound jc1s - used
Odyssey stratos "loaded" new;
Bryston 7b sst2 - used

Would very much appreciate any thoughts on these or other suggestions. I listen mainly to rock, jazz. Love the clarity,, "full information" the dyns provide. The warm, tubey sound puts me to sleep. I like a very tight grip on the base, totally silent ink black background and pure mids and highs that make you grin widely.
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To be honest I dont like your short list at all.Why limit yourself to monos??As a Confidence owner I would suggest a Pass X250.5 or Mac 402.
Pass X250.5
Krell 400cx
And I would really suggest Simaudio. I am using the Titan multi-channel but when I am ready to add a two channel it will still be Simaudio.

Very strange post.The C2s are known to be lacking in bass(the weak link in the Confidence lineup) and not a speaker for "rock"to start with."The warm, tubey sound"Are we talking about Dynaudio?,lol.Where does that come from,Ive never heard anyone refer to Dynaudio as that.Silver cable is not recommended with the C lineup either.
Mow for your amp selection with those speakers..JC1s/NEVER,too many problems.Bryston/possibly but then again ,PASS on that one.Know nothing about the third.Man ,this is a strange inital post indeed.
Get a good quality SS high power amp, a sub which you will need..........and start looking for the right speaker cables
I think he was saying that his Dynaudios don't have a warm, tubey sound.
As a former C2 & C4 owner, I can't recommend Simaudio, even though many have said there is good synergy between the two. I tried a pair of Sim W6 monoblocks for a few days and quickly sold them. For solid state I would be much more inclined to try Pass XA60.5's or McIntosh MC501's... but even more intriguing would be to try some higher powered tube amps (Rogue Zeus, M-180's or VTL 450 sigs).
I have had good results with Cary MB500's and Plinius SA100MK III. The space heater from New Zealand is currently driving the C2's. It is the lowest priced amp I have had in five years and I am lovin' it.
Like Nutella, I too used Plinius with my C2's with good results. I used the SA-102 MKII, which can be had for far less than your budget ($2,500 used).
I plan on pairing the C2s with dual JL fathom 110s.

toetapfactor - many people consider bryston 7b sst2 and the JC-1s as "good quality high power SS amp". Look up odyssey - well respected. What all three have in common is the general view of being very strong value for the money. Speaker cable is a preference and I use and like analysis plus. Your response appears the most strange.

I was able to hear C4s driven by JC1s (an also by MC 402s as well as ayre MX-R). JC-1s really impressed.
JC-1s really impressed.
Then buy it!..Rather odd that no one has endorsed your choices of amps..Pass labs will outperform any of them and highly recommended by about all who own Dyns,plus resale is better.Good luck though