Dynaudio Contour Martin Logan Premium line

Hi all,

I've been debating for months to buy a pair of speakers for my 2nd living room. These will be strictly used for stereo music listening and occasion tv watching. My amps are as follows:

Para Sound Halo A51
Rotel RSP-1572

Currently my research indicates:
Dynaudio doesn't make bi ampable speakers so I have no option to boost the bass for TV watching.
Martin Logans are very musical as most electrostatic speakes are very "airy" but the bass can be weak.

I have $3000 budget and have seen used contour s3.4s and Martin Logan theos for about that much. Some older MLs have a greater discount than old dyns. So I can't seem to figure out why that is. Logically if things aren't discounted by a large portion after years of use they must be better right?