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You have a lot of Simaudio. Have you considered the 280D? Nice streaming DAC. A little below your budget at $4k. I picked one up earlier this summer and really like it a lot.   
What stand mount monitors works w/ Pass XA 30.5?
Dynaudio Special Forty  
Alternatives to B&W 805 D4
Oh sorry, I missed the you bought a pair. Congratulations Nice speakers  
Alternatives to B&W 805 D4
I strongly suggest Dynaudio Heritage. Limited to 2500 pairs worldwide. I have a pair. Bowers D are nice speakers as well. Lots of options but for me these were the ones. I’ve owned Bowers, KEF Ref 1 etc. To me the Heritage were the ones. I know h... 
Speakers known for great midrange.
Besides Dynaudio that I suggest, I own Heritage, I really want to hear Simaudio new step into the ring Voice. You didn’t mention budget so staying around $3k. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5UbZx0FT6ZE    
Speakers known for great midrange.
The Harbeth do sound nice from those clips but all those clips music all sounded very similar. Is it fair to say Harbeth is not the best choice for an all arounder and perhaps better with classical or slow jazz? I couldn’t lock myself into a one ... 
Speakers known for great midrange.
Dynaudio Special 40 and the Pass a nice match. Not syrupy but a huge fun factor.     
Dynaudio - Made in China vs Denmark
What model?   
Looking for advice re: amps for Dynaudio Contour 20i
I own Dynaudio Heritage but I have a Contour Ci center. All three being driven by Simaudio M400 mono amps. Outstanding. This is the two channel version of the 400ms I own. It would be an excellent match. 330A. Class A first five watts.. Check Si... 
Was my friend given misinformation.
Best Buy and Magnolia. Not the same and not all stores have a Magnolia. Magnolia vs Magnolia. Some are worse than others. I have a very good friend that works for Magnolia in the Bay Area. He knows his shit. So let’s not slump it all into one buck... 
Monstrous power cables
I think it’s hard to throw 10 strangers in a room and try cables on a system they are not familiar with. I understand the folks stating show me the science, I also understand some hold their ground so tight they are not even remotely open to the i... 
Considering moving on from B&W...
I did not have the 800 series but the 702S2. I really thought they were great speakers and they are but was out messing around and stopped by a dealer to listen to Dynaudio again. I was a former owner. Auditioned Confidence 20 and the Dynaudio He... 
Can cables have a shelf life?
I’ve got them running. Thanks for the input. I have a loaner coming just to compare. It’s sounding better. I want to put the Kimber Hero back in then try something not Kimber. Going to insert an Audioquest Water in. But I am certain night one was... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Dust and cobwebs   
Best streamer for a returning audio guy
Seriously and very much feel strongly about it. Try the iFi Zen. For the money, for someone wanted to try to see if they like it it really has no equal in its price range. Sound, ease of use, access to all you need. I’ll give you $2 if you find ...