Audio repair in Houston Texas area?

I am looking for a good audio tech/repair in the Houston Texas area and have come across Bammel on Walters road, has anyone used them or can you refer me to someone you have used and would use again?
You're in Audio Wasteland, I'm afraid.  The pickins here are rather slim.

I don't know what equipment you need repaired, but FWIW I've used Save on Sound several times for repairs to tube equipment.  The owner also repairs old tape decks, turntables, tuners, etc. He does require an upfront deposit to examine the equipment and determine the problem and quote a price. The deposit will be applied to the cost of the repair if you elect to have it done.  Also, he operates on a cash basis only (or did the last time I used him a few years back). 

Address is 5003 Antoine - phone: 713-957-9600.

Do call before you go to make sure the owner will be there
Thanks, I have used him a year ago to go over a pair of VTL tube amps and am satisfied to a point and yes he still operates in the same fashion. The piece of gear is a Yamamoto headphone amp.
If Saves on Sound is the place that the Traders Village mid-fi/high end reseller here in Houston recommends, and I think it is, I looked at yelp and one of the three reviews was, uh, concerning to me. Glad to read that you had good success with him rshak.

I too have a hi-end component in need of repair and the best resource I have been able to find thus far is Austin Stereo Service in Austin. Not a recommendation or endorsement, only an observation that he has 34 very positive ratings/reviews on yelp.

Having recently moved to Texas (and loving it), I was surprised at how thin audio is on the ground here. Even in the road equipment area, it seems more retail, a la Guitar Center, or equipment rental than old repair facilities. High end stuff- even thinner. I did find a guy who is old school, knows tube amps (in fact, that may be all he works on) right in South Congress area of Austin, but I doubt you are going to haul all the way here. Happy to give you his name: Jack at Audiotech Austin. He put my piece of gear on the bench when I was there to see if he could find the problem and he did, in about two seconds. Of course, fixing it took a little longer, but good guy. I have a few instrument amps that need work, I may just get him to do it, even though he may not be the "authorized" tech for the brand. He’s pretty good with old McI for what it’s worth. Welcome to use my name, ’bill hart’ if you call him.

If you are going to ship, I used Bill Thalmann for various work in Virginia- first class operation, reasonable prices. Bill knows me as well-- he just finished helping me restore a pair of old Quad II amps, a McI 110z tuner-preamp and did the Krebs upgrade to my old SP-10 table, got it re-plinthed, etc. Nice guy to boot.
You could try to reach out to Albert, who is in Dallas and ask him if there is anybody near Houston. Albert Porter has been here forever. I’m new, and am still finding my way.

@dlcockrum --are you in the Austin area? 

Thanks all for the info, although I had success with Saves on Sound it was not a confidence inspiring dealing of such. I got a real good feel from John at Bammel off 1960 and 45 talking to him on the phone and he seems to be an enthusiast of high end audio. Will post my feelings of doing business with them after I get my issue addressed and fixed, wish me luck.
Bammel TV is the place to go. Authorized Marantz and McIntosh repair center and been in business since the 70's. Had work done a couple times with no issues.
Awesome info. Thanks all, especially tooblue for starting this thread.

Great thinking re: Albert Porter, whart. Just spoke with him yesterday. Shoulda asked about that...

I am in Katy. My thought was that the challenge of actually lifting my sick amp (180 lbs) to and from the car, necessary for repair anywhere, is the tough part to conquer and the drive, whether to the other side of Houston or to Austin is of smaller comparative consequence ;)


First let me thank ricpan for the vote of confidence for Bammel, second dlcockrum if you need help to wrestle your amp to the shop, drop me a line and I will be glad to help you get that done, I have a dolly and a pick up and third, welcome to Texas whart.
Thanks, @tooblue. 
We've been coming here for winter-spring on and off over the last 4 or 5 years, but finally relocated in February. I love it here, people are great, lot's to do (in Austin) and I feel like I'm home if you know what I mean. (I was living in NY, but after 35 years, it was enough). The heat is a little much, but we go out early, lay low during the day, and go back out at night. Soon, it will be autumn. 
@dlcockrum --Albert is one of my favorite people. We've been talking and more for some years, but have yet to meet in person. Soon. 
Well just wanted to convey my feelings on Bammel TV repair in Houston Texas, thus was not a good impression at all, I am going to choose my words carefully here so as not to mislead. This is the goofies bunch I have ever done business with, starting with the girl that checked in my headphone amp to John the owner, after diagnosing my amp with a bad transformer he offered to discard it for me and save me a trip to pick it up, bear in mind the amp is brand new under warranty and paid $1600.00 and was trying to keep from shipping it back to Japan, all this he knew.
What seems to be the problem of shipping the bloody thing to Japan? I am going to ship my amp to Australia soon. Yes, I can have it fixed in many reliable places here, but the designer himself will do it in Melbourne and will charge less. Shipping both ways will be around $300, so what? The amp will last for another 10 years, at least, and it is already 16 years old. Solid state integrated amp.
Why don't you do it would be a better question. There is always a slight risk when shipping and it takes time, but I consider it minor.
@inna , well that settles it guys I have gotten inna involved my problems are solved, the obvious will never escape him.
Sorry to bump such and old thread but I was doing research to help repair a Fisher 400 V2 receiver. Is BammelTV the place go for vintage gear repairs? Are there any other repair people that in the Houston or Sugar Land areas that can help me get this Fisher restored? Thanks in advance.
Bammel TV is the last place I would go, follow the posting above for the # and address for Save On Sound, a little quirky but does good quality work at a reasonable price. Enjoy the music

I apologize for bumping this old thread again too but felt I just had to warn any newcomers.

I strongly agree that Bammel TV is the last place I would go. In fact it would not be the last place because I would NEVER take another piece of equipment to them again. Avoid this place like the plaque with your precious gear!

I have friends who have taken gear to Save on Sound and although they were satisfied with the work they were left in the dark about what work was actually done to fix their equipment. If I paid someone over $500.00 for an amp repair I would damn sure want to know what that bought me. Just to get bill and no explanation is not going to cut it for me. Just my two cents worth. 

pyramid audio repair in austin as well as tek specialty in buda tx are both highly qualified and excellent