Audio Mirror vs Prima Luna tube DAC

Hi there,
Wondering if anyone out there has had the opportunity to A/B the Audio Mirror Tubadour III SE and the Prima Luna Evo 100 tube DACs.  I am looking to get as close to vinyl as possible while either streaming (Qobuz) or playing CD files from an Aurender N100H....nuts I know.

Currently using my Moon/SimAudio 260D CD player as DAC with Curios Evolved USB as interconnect from the Aurender.

Are there other tube DAC (or solid state) options I should consider at about the same price point?

Thanks all.
look at the MHDT DACs.  very musical
Unfortunately there does not appear to be many internet savvy users of the PL. I also considered this comparison about a year ago, but could only find one or two user reports of the PL dac. Haven't really seen anything new pop up in the meantime either.  Obviously the AM is well reviewed here and regularly recommended for good reason.
I didn't even know PL made a DAC. Brands that come to mind for me are MHDT, Audio Mirror, Denafrips, Audio g-d, more... but not PL.
Thanks for these responses.  I will have to do a bit more work checking on the MHDT, Denafrips and Audio GD.  I note that these latter companies are in Asia.....any support experiences good or bad?  Also I listen mostly to acoustic jazz and vocals (Blue Note, Impulse, Riverside) and some rock if that helps with recommendations.
Thanks again.
The PL Evo is made in china. The Audio Mirror in the USA. I own the AM and not looking past that DAC. 

Based on a review, TAS or Stereophile can't remember, the PL seems to be a great option, however somewhat more expensive. 

Given the PL is dealer distributed and the AM is factory direct few would get a chance to audition both.
Thanks again all. A very knowledgeable friend has recommended the Schiit Yggdrasil as a SS alternative at about the same price point as the AM.  Any experiences with this DAC or comparisons?
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A very knowledgeable friend has recommended the Schiit Yggdrasil as a SS alternative at about the same price point as the AM.
I wouldn’t include the Yggy given what you’re looking for as it’s neither tubed nor NOS that I think will both help in getting you “closer to vinyl.”  Plus, as good as it is, reviews don’t indicate it produces the type of sound you’re looking for.  For that reason I’d skew toward AM, MHDT, Audio GD, and the like.  FWIW, and best of luck in your search. 

Thanks again.  After doing a bit more reading I agree and am circling around the AM.  However, (and does this happen to everyone just when they think they've made a decision?) I have been reading about the Denafrips Pontus which, while not tube, does offer both OS and NOS options and has received some very good and recent reviews.  I may order both and audition, depending on return and restocking fees.  Thanks.
PL Dac vs AM Dac.....anybody?
LOL thanks for the reminder.  This is where I started.....we've come full circle!
There's a review of the Tubadour SE III using the Aurender N100H as source and compared to a Moon 380D, so it might be helpful for the OP. Jump to page 2 of the review to get into the comparison.

Thanks very much rooze.  Interesting, helpful and relevant review. Now if someone would only compare something with PL.....