Audio Mirror Tubadour III Upgrade

I bought an AMT3 base version last year and really like the DAC. I feel it splits the difference between detail and warmth quite nicely. When I ordered the DAC, the only upgrade I requested was the orange fuse. I'm wondering if anyone else had started with the base version and upgraded to the SE version at a later time. If you did, what improvements did you notice and in what areas?

talk directly to vlad @ am... he is a straight shooter, won't waste your money
+1jjss49.  I purchased the AMT3 with selected upgrades based on Vlad's advice, did not go for the SE version. 
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Thanks, everyone. I will reach out to Vlad today. I was just hoping if someone can share their experience after they upgraded.
I upgraded to the SE version and all I can tell you is that the differences are dependent on the rest of your system; speakers, tube vs. SS, etc. For me the upgrade sound difference in my system was significant enough to justify the cost; system; Raven Nighthawk III integrated with BlueSound Node, Fritz Rev 7 SE speakers and GR Research; 24 Strand DIY Audiophile Speaker Cables and Morrow RCA cables. The sound was more controlled, tight with more separation between instruments and sound stage. Hope this help, but by all means contact Vlad - he is the real deal and cares about each of his customers.
@phill55 - thank you for sharing your impressions. Certainly sounds like a worthwhile upgrade. When you say, 'sound s more controlled, tight ...', does this apply to bass performance as well?