Anything that is like Norah Jones?

Sadly, her second album has only 3 songs and one is from the previous one.

Could anyone suggest me anything that is like Norah Jones album, in term of music-wise and her-voice-wise? It not really Jazz, blue, soul or pop rock, but it's like a little bit of everything putting together and work out beautifully.

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I highly recommend KD Lang's "Ingenue" if you're not familiar with it. She doesn't specifically sound like Norah Jones, but she mixes many styles and has an amazing voice. That particular album is full of very strong songs and is every bit as addictive and engrossing as Norah's.

I can't think of many contemporary artists that combine styles so well (maybe Fiona Apple??). Norah Jones' music has an old-timey feel, but still manages to sound modern and unique. She reminds me a lot of Billy Holiday at times (I recommend checking her out too, if you haven't already), but she also has a sizeable country influence. I think her strongest trait is her subtle singing. Most others tend to over-sing everything (especially at that age). She is one of the best singers I've ever heard.
Holly Cole (Don't smoke in bed),
Joni Mitchell (Both sides now),
and maybe Stacey Kent (Close your eyes)
She sounds like billy holiday
Try Madeleine Peroux
Peroux and Holiday: took the words right out of my mouth.

In addition to some of the excellent recommendations already mentioned, you might check out Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Cassandra Wilson, and Shirley Horn. There are many others, of course, but these four are certainly worth your time.

Happy Hunting.
Jenna Mammina's been around for a few years and does music along the same lines. Highly recommended.
Thank God I am not nuts. I listen to Norah Jones all the time. I just spent a ton on a dedicated media system and when I want someone to hear how great it is I put on Norah Jones. You can compare her to whoever you want but she is Norah.
Patrica Barber - Nightclub. Also other nice female vocals,
Beth Orton - Daybreak
Patty Griffin - 1000 Kisses
Allison Moorer - Miss Fortune
I second all of the above postings and also highly rec listening to Eva Cassidy!!! Love female vocals jazzy bluesy
Start with Eva's "Live at Blues Alley." Just incredible soul to her singing.
Re" Eva Cassidy: "Songbird" is a compilation CD. Start there and if you like it buy them all. She died and there are a only a few CD's released, last one in August was "Imagine".
Jane Siberry When I was a boy