Anthem 225 integrated: Anyone knows anything ?


I am building a smaller system and I came to find out about this seemingly amazing bargain in the Anthem 225.

Now, the dealer also sells the YBA Design line, Cambridge Audio and Musical Fidelity.

I have no experience with those lines (except with a MF A5 integrated).

I have experience with higher-end (tubes and SS) but nothing from those manufacturers mentioned.

Now the dealer says that the Anthem 225 - is WAY BELOW a cambridge 840A and YBA Design - maybe so, but since he has no demo unit for me to listen to, its hard to say.

On reputation alone, maybe he's right, but look at the Anthem closely, build quality and all. Looks like a bargain for a 1,500 retail price doesn't it ? Any comments?
I have seen a lot the anthem, but never had the choice to try them out and listen...btw, here's a review on it:
Thanks, I knew about that review. its one of only two out there...
I think the Anthem 225 is a very good value, and sounds good to boot. I think it has the basic "Anthem house sound" which isn't a bad thing at all. It does everything very well without calling attention to itself. It has good bass qualities and isn't bright sounding, maybe a little soft in the upper frequencies. Again, not a bad thing. It brings a lot to the table, great build quality, great power output, built-in phono stage(which I haven't listened to), remote control. Just a good all around solid buy.

I have listened to this amplifier on and off since it came out, mainly with Paradigm speakers such as the studio series 60/100's. Note I do not own one of the 225's, but when I have listened to it, it is a very likeable amp, and if I were in the market for an integrated, it would be put on my list to get serious about.

I also have heard it next to the Cambridge, and either one to my ears would do the job, both are very good amps. I didn't feel either one was "best", they both did the job of making good music. The Anthem is certainly not way below the Cambridge by any shot.

Just my 2 cents worth! If you get the chance, do the comparison for yourself, it is the only way you will know. Enjoy the music! Tim
One thing about the Cambridge 840A series integrated is that awfull ratchet clicking sound when using the volume control. Went to a dealer for a demo, just could not get my approval.
Yes, the stepped attenuator does make a bit of racket, but most importantly is, how did the amp sound to you? I do think most of the Cambridge line is good value for money, and the 840E/W are very good pre/amplifiers, and while a bit more expensive, still not out of line with some more expensive gear.

Again, between the Anthem or the Cambridge, I don't think you can go too far wrong. That being said, I don't know your system that you would use these with. If you can listen to them with your equipment or similar, that would always be best.

I should also say that while I do not own any Cambridge gear, I have listened to it about as much as I have the Anthem 225. I also do own several pieces of Anthem gear-TLP1, PVA2, MCA-20, AVM-30, and have been very pleased with the Anthem gear. Try to listen to the Cambridge and Anthem if you can, side by side. Tim
Frazeur1: As I have been (like many others) in this hobby for probably far too long, I of course know about the ''listen-with-you-own-ears-and-decide'' strategy.

This upcoming amp is for a second system, but I still want a minimum of quality. Your comment ''Yes, the stepped attenuator does make a bit of racket, but most importantly is, how did the amp sound to you?'' is well taken.

Here's how it sounds to me. ''like a fine amp for the money, with a helluva racket when ajusting the volume''.

What I mean is that it is irritating enough to interrupt (very briefly of course) my enjoyment of the music.

So, the quality of the sound is a non-issue from the moment that something interferes with this quality.

I once got rid of a Shanling SACD player - a beautifull unit - because the whirling noise of the open transport's fast spinning noise drove me nuts during soft passages.

To me, the AZUR amp is like playing a clean LP on a nice turntable, with cliks and pops anytime you adjust the sound. Same thing ! For some, it won't be an issue.

I have owned a truckload of integrateds over the years. A few I was impressed with, most others, nah.

I am not able to get a clear view (and audition in a proper setting) of the Anthem 225. That's why I need what I consider ''Plan-B strategy''...YOUR valued opinion !
Sonic, I totally understand, been there too. Sorry if my comment caused a little stir, not my intention! If the Azur bugs you in that respect, then obviously it is not worth buying. I have had similar things too, and passed on them knowing I wouldn't be happy.

I do think the Anthem is a solid buy, and sounds very good, and not just for the money. It is actually a very nice looking amp too! Otherwise I might suggest an NAD possibly, and any of the Naim Naits are a great value too. I think most electronics these days are all pretty good sounding. I think the room interface and the speakers are what is more important overall, and if this system isn't going to be "critical", don't fuss over it much. Enjoy the music. Tim

To those who are mentioning the Cambridge Audio "One thing about the Cambridge 840A series integrated is that awfull ratchet clicking sound when using the volume control" Are you not aware that you can turn that off with the Cambridge Unit...
I own an Anthem 225 for about two years now and I'm pleased with it. As Frazeur1 says, very neutral and doesn't call attention to itself.
I just listened to that amp at a shop in Wilmington DE yesterday for two hours while auditioning equipment. I was impressed by it food the price..about $1300. It was pretty smooth and neutral with realistic bass and mids and decent soundstage. I am looking at moving from steps to an integrated so wanted a pace comparable to my upgraded Macintosh mc250.the 225 was very nice but different more modern. It paled next to the Ayre CX5 I listened to next but that was 2+x more costly. I figure the Anthem is a good budget choice. BTW I was replacing a CA Cd740 which had issues at 3 yes old. Made me wonder about CA quality?