Anyone know anything about ENTEC speakers?

I picked up a pair of"Entec NEW-1WT-1" 8 inch full range speakers for $5 the other day. I can't find any info on them and don't have all the equipment to test for the T/S parameters. Can anyone provide me any info on them? Thanks.
Entec Entertainment Technologies went out of business I believe in the late nineties. I think they were known mostly for their subwoofers and a DAC that was well received. I own a pair of their SW-5 subwoofers which were often mated with planar speakers due to their speed (they use servos).
Entec did make a full range speaker based on Eton drivers. Are the cones transparent black with a hexagonal "weave" pattern on them? If so, they are probably eatons. Did you just get drivers or entire finished speakers? If you got what I think you got, you got an incredible bargain. These speakers were very expensive when new.

I have an Entec, the first 3-driver sub, and I LOVE it ...the servo-control was an amazing improvement....Just awesome...I didn't understand "speed" of subs until I heard this thing..tight as a drum, no blubber...I was warned it would seem "less", and I 'got' it immediately...I didn't realized that a sub could be "crisp", relatively...Made other subs sound like those nuts cars with the bass shaking the doors off....

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