Anything better than 10 guage Romex?

I maybe moving my set up to a smaller room, but the upside is I can run shorter runs and increase the number of dedicated lines.

My question is,What(other than 10 guage Romex solid core)are others using when they have this opportunity to upgrade?

What do you mean by better?

What are you using it for?
AudioQuest makes a power cable available in bulk, but it would be spendy. Also Romex used to make a parrellel 14ga cable for such reasons, not sure if they still do. that would provide more skin surface than the 10ga.
JPS in-wall cable. Our whole studio is wired with it.
What I do now is to wire directly to the panel and then terminate at the amp end with Furutech male plugs and plug into the amps.
This eleiminates several receptacles and the amp only sees one break in the line and that is at the amp.

I am wondering if anyone has used other wire besides Romex when they have run dedicated lines.

I used to use Carol stranded waterproof 10 guage wires, but I would like to try something that is shielded instead of the romex, but is also solid core.

Somewhere in a different thread someone mentioned AC wire.

I wouldn't need more than 12 feet of wire per amp,so cost per foot isn't that big an issue.

Oyaide EE/F S 2.6 seems like something I might consider, but no one up here carries it(Canada).

Just wondering what other options there are to Romex.

What I mean by better is really subjective thinking on my part.
I know that my Shunyata power cords make a difference elsewhere in my system,so I am looking for similar improvements in a cable from the panel.
Shunyata cable is not on the agenda.

My goal is to have the least connectors that I can in my system.
Hi, Talk to Chris at "VH audio" he will be able to help. Good Luck!
Some have used Belden 83803. 12 ga, tinned, shielded, teflon insulated plenum wire. Not solid core and stiff. Parts Express.
You can use 10 ga BX wire. It has a metal jacket, you have to use metal outlet boxes. Comes in the same configuration as romex. I used it for my balanced power runs. Much harder to put in place though.
10ga is about the thickest you can still attach to a power receptacle and can be used for up to 30amps.
For Gods' sake DONT Have a male hot. DONT
The Belden 83803 - it is spec'd for smoke and fire alarms because the shielding allows it to survive a fire. Very quiet - I used it in one of my apartments when I installed 20-amp dedicated lines for monoblocks. Here is the Belden spec sheet:

The Belden 83803 is power limited, Class 2 wire. It is not approved for branch circuit power wiring.
Obviously, persons using any wire should check to see that it meets code, and will function properly, wherever they intend to use it. I ran mine in our apartment in Sao Paulo. PS - Being 12-gauge and used in reasonable runs, Belden 83803 does not restrict current in typical hi-fi applications. Even 14-gauge is fine for runs up to 75 ft. or so.
In the USA Belden 83803 is not approved for branch circuit power wiring per NEC (National Electrical Code).... As far as the manufacture specs, it is designed and UL approved for Power Limited Fire Alarm, (PLFA Class 3)wiring.

NEC 760.121 (A)(1), (A)(2), or (A)(3)

My only reason for pointing out the Belden cable is not approved for branch circuit power wiring is for the OP's and others benefit..... If the cable is used in a manner it is not intended as well as not Listed, approved, and for what ever reason there was a fire or personal injury an insurance claim could be denied by the insurance company.


You might ask where in a fire alarm system would #12 wire be used? Horn, or Horn/Strobe circuits...

Can it, legally, be called a "power cord" or "extension" if it has the IEC connection on the end?
Not if it's in the wall and not removable.

The best option is metal conduit, because it's shielded and so less likely to radiate hum. BX is second best, for the same reason. Stranded vs. solid doesn't matter, except insofar as stranded is easier to manipulate in heavy gauges. Gauge does -- the thicker the wire, the less voltage drop. As someone pointed out, wiring heavy gauge wire to a standard receptacle can be tricky. Agree that you shouldn't use the Belden, which would violate code.
I see that Cardas sells a 10 guage in wall wire.

Now I have another one to decide.

The JPS is just a bit too expensive.

The wiring isn't inside the walls but is suspended off the floor and I only need two runs about 10 ft each.

One line from the 30 watt breaker at the panel,is wired to a Wattgate 20 amp receptacle and then into a Hydra 2 and that powers the amps.

The other 10 guage romex line is wired from another 30 amp breaker(on the same phase)and is wired to a potted Shunyata dual receptacle croyd receptacle and into it is a Hydra Annaconda 20 amp PC into a Hydra 8.

I am curious, after giving more information,what others feel about the best choice of wiring to be in this instance.

I wouldn't want the resolution of one brand of wire to be wiped out by the colourations of another.
Best case scenario would be wires from Shunyata I would presume.

Perhaps since they are into doing studios, they should delve into this area.
Seems like a natural to me for them.

How about some venom power cables unterminated?

The other line