Anyone got a "Best of" jazz CDs for 2007?

There are usually a few members who post some good "best of" lists at the end of the year. Anyone got a jazz list they'd like to share?
Michael Brecker, "Pilgrimage", his last release (he died of lukemia in January '07) with Herbie Hancock, Brad Mehldau, Pat Metheny, Jack DeJohnette, and John Patitucci. Excellent performance and sound.

Keith Jarrett, Gary Peacock and Jack DeJohnette "My Foolish Heart"
The Trio at its best.

Attention Screen "Live at Merkin Hall"
Edgy performances, fabulous sound.

Bill Bruford/Tim Garland "Earthworks Underground Orchestra"
Incredible "big band" performances from the Iridium Jazz Club in NYC. Bruford shines as always.

Mccoy Tyner "Quartet"
With Joe Lovano on tenor sax and Christian McBride and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts as rhythm section, this disc just flat out moves you.

Joe Zawinul "Brown Street"
Graceful and explosive, sometimes within the same track - encourages repeated listenings.

Enjoy the music!
I don't know if it was released in 2007 but last year i purchased a CD I keep coming back to Jimmy Smith/ Music for Lovers. Blue Note put out a series of CD's which were called "music 4 lovers" which featured artists from there stable doing smokey ballads and songs written about ladies and this one just kicks dirt all over the ones I have. It's one CD I keep coming back to in fact on a trip out to my place in the desert I left it in the CD player on the ride out and back. Rainy night,roaring fire,bottle of cabernet and this music in the backround and your in for some lovin'.
larry coryell-power trio
Check out You will find several lists there. Also check out Jazz Times magazine. The latest issue should be out soon. Don't know if the list is on their website yet.
Thanks! Keep those recommendations coming. I just ordered the Brecker and Zawinul and will do some more listening.
Second Jazz Times...they list a top 50 with lots of interesting choices. Also Downbeat has a list in the current issue.

The Village Voice has a very nice list, including reissues:,davis,78767,22.html
I always like to look at the Grammy nominees
Tord Guftafson released the last of his three piano trio albums. I can't think of the name off the top of my head but its excellent.
Check out have enjoyed the offerings of re-issues that are on ebay put up by the eba name absoltedistrinbutors out of Spain.They came out with some excellent re-issues this year including th Tommy Potter East-West (long defunct Atlantic jazz sub label) LP "Hard Funk".Also some great re-issue of great 60's Italian jazz led by thir pre-imminent group the Basso Valdambrini Quintette have ended up coming out on CD and LP.If your into eh classic hard bop era like I am get all the small group stuff put out in recent years by the Italian Schema /Rearward label of Clarke Bolland including thier members like Johnny Griffin,Sihab Shihab,et al.Last one of my faves of recent years has been the two INCREDIBLE Nathan Davis SABA Lp's (now $300 apiece on ebay) called "Happy Girl" and "Hip Walk".Last since this is older re-issue stuff I try to hip people too a guy who is now in his early 70's having the peak of his career is Eddie Higgins.The great 24 bit CD's from Venus keep coming are great but try his step off CD of his renaissance "Haunted Heart".Other guys doing as well have been Steve Kuhn and Claude Williamson.For young lions a Eric Reed did a nice CD recently called "Blue Monk".
My two favorites:

Matt Chamberlain, Bill Frisell, Tucker Martine and Lee Townsend: "Floratone"

Charlie Hunter Trio: "Mistico"

Guitars a go go baby! Neither will not be confused with your favorite Bill Evans recording...
Thanks for the suggestions!
Wow the Zawinul live disc is fantatic! Just got it from Amazon today, thanks for the suggestion . Will also check out Jazz Times and the Voice.
Is a neat album for the progressive/experimental crowd. A trio consisting of Gary Willis , Kirk Covington who were the original Tribal Tech rythmn section with Spain's Llibert Fortuny on sax. He is really unique and creative. He has as many sounds from his sax as Zawinul did from keyboards. The album is not "one note" as the band has sounds different enough to make you think some tracks are not the same band. Up and down tempo stuff, lots of fun.

I'll stretch the category of "Jazz" slightly:
1. Joshua Redman - Back East. A delight for the ears. Terrific recording, superb creativity w/o being weird.
2. Kurt Elling - Nightmoves. Wonderful vocal range that really is applied well to the quality of the true musicians on this disc.
3. Eric Bibb - Diamond Days. Perfectly recorded, great to listen to with the lights low. He is in the room.
Mosiac Select #26 / Bobby Hutcherson. Three CD's of material culled from 5 albums that never sold because jazz was entrenched in the Creed Taylor/Don Sebesky era along with the disco jazz fusion that was prevelent of this time period. Not a clunker in the set with some really good sidemen along for the ride from Woody Shaw to Freddie Hubbard. The recordings sound great too,taken from the 2 track masters. released in 2007.