any new Quad 11/12L owners?

Interested in seeing what others are using for electronics,cables,etc....
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Are these the dynamic box speakers that Quad is selling, with a piano gloss finish? I was surprised to see a pair at a local dealer's this weekend, I didn't know Quad made box speakers. They look superb but I didn't have a chance to listen to them.
I bought a pair of 11L's about 6 month's ago, I compared them to Proac tablettes, and I liked them better. Replaced some Totem Rokk's, much cleaner midrange and highs. More dynamic than the dynaudio 42W's I use as HT surrounds. They are in my bedroom system, and the yew finish looks great. They sounded great with the 99 electronics.(I have to replenish the stereo slush fund for that).
Thought they were fatiguing in dealers show room with new arcam DIVA amp. Don't know which 65 /75 / 85.
I was able to listen the 11L with Arcam (A75 + CD72), I found the set up very good. Quiet airy, good imaging. Also heard on Nad (C320 BEE + 541i)..Still good but the Arcam set up was better..

I agree... I found the dynamics,speed,detail,imaging, and soundstage abilities of the Quads to far outperform anything I heard in the 5k and under monitor price point...they really do exhibit "static" speed similiar to their ELS cousins...and have deep, clean , bass to boot... all in all...a great design...with impeccable build quality....
Regarding the speakers, I bought the "12L" the first time I heard it! I can only echo the praise of the other posters.

Regarding the comment about being fatiguing, all I can say is that if your electronics pick it up-you'll hear it. I had some decent speakers before these, but with the Quads you hear EVERY THING with no coloration. Some don't care for that level of realism which is certainly understandable.

In answer to your electronics question, I am running a Arcam Diva A85 integrated amp/Arcam CD62 with Harmonic Technology Truth-Link Silver interconnects and Analysis Plus Oval 12 speaker cable.

Once the speakers have been broken in I may look at different speaker cable, but for right now I'm very pleased
Glad you like them. They are very dynamic and clear. WhatHiFi reviewed an all Quad system and noted that Quad could be bright depending on the recording. Just a caution.
i used to own 11L and prefer them to Proac response 1sc. They are warm sounding and have considerable good midrange. I compare to LS3/5A, and their midrange is still not as revealing / effortless. Sometime it may sound a bit overblown, but it plays music beatifully most of the time.

Another aces is their agile and deep bass, which set apart from many bookshelf. Their laid back high is also seductive after listening.

It take 2 solid months for me to run in these gems.
I find interesting to note that many people are using those Quads with much more expensive electronics..I'm curious to try them and compare with my old KEFs 104aBwhich still have a very nice medium...I guess the Quads are going to be much more revealing...
Well the new Quads are often run with Quad eclectronics...which start at 2k for each componet...CDP and amp...this has to be the highest recommendation....
I heard also very different opinions on the 11L vs 12L: some say the 12L is a much better speaker than the 11L and my dealer is telling me the 11L is a more coherent. Any opinion ? Is the bass response the only difference ? While looking at the spec, freq. range is the same and sensivity of the 12L is better.

The 12 has much more bass impact due to a larger driver/ larger cabinet and is more dynamic... and offers a wider soundstage...they both are extremely accurate and musical...
if your room is very small go 11L...if not ...go 12L...
The Quad electronics are actually less espensive than prevously indicated. The pre-amp (not their cd/preamp) is $1,000 list and the 85wpc 99 amp is around the same, with the 140 wpc 909 around $1400. (one dealer I know sells them at 15% off)

i just got the 99 amp and preamp to use with by Spicas and sub yesterday, and from my short listening test, I'm real happy.
11L sound more beautiful than the 12L IMHO, faster and more coherent...
Has anybody heard the larger Quad 22L?? It is a floorstanding speaker. If so, how does it compare with monitors 11L and 12L??? I have read all the posts in this "thread", and I can't stop from asking if this "new" Quad line of box speakers approaches "high-end" performance, that is, coherent, balanced, musical,etc. or is the performance just very good mid-fi. Yes, you get what you pay for, but I am hoping Quad has tried to reach somewhat beyond that "formula" to produce a fine line of speakers. The 22L is not overly expensive, but it is not cheap either at $1600, and has a lot of competition in that price range. So, can we hear from a few members who have heard or own the 22L, or even found something they like better
Sunny...Quad has never been associated with mid-fi...and the new L series are no exception...their sound,craftsmanship,and cosmetics are unrivaled at their price points...their real strengths mirror their ELS cousins:speed,detail, and soundstaging....they dont quite have the transparency of the legendary Quad stats...but we are talking about speakers that are 4-5 x the cost of the L series and beyond...for a speaker which really doesnt have a weakness...other than being harsh on poor recordings...the Quads really embarrass alot of "hi-end" overpriced models...
Sunny...about the 22Ls..check out the Quad website for reviews...Quad has a limited dealership in the states...but they are worth the effort to audition...also...the $1600-2k range is probably the most competitive of all speaker this you have Spendor,Proac,QUad,Vandersteen,Magnepan,Thiel,Meadowlark, name a few...and choosing one is highly "subjective" isnt adherently "better" than the others...they all excel in different areas...cheers...
I own the Quad 99 CD-P and I'am pleased with it's performance.I have used it with a preamp and also without!The preamp part of this player is so good ,I can't hear any sonic differences.The preamp retailed for 5000.00 dollars.Even the most complex music just flows with this player.Highs are detailed,Midrange is open and Bass is tight and powerful but never out of control.Not only can I hear the crack of the stick on the skin of the drums ,but the skin as it vibrates off the snap.It will make some of the manufactures of more expensive players uncomfortable.I sold the preamp and now use it straight into my tube amp.If this is any indication,Quad's products are without a doubt world class!
I heard both the 11L and the 12L in my home and at the dealer. I bought the 12L due to its larger soundstaging hands down. The 12L has all of the strengths of the 11L except the "loudspeaker of the year" award from the Euro mag. They havent reviewed the 12L. The 12L is just as quick and coherent to me as I have done extensive listening. In a small room the 11L may seem lighter on its feet due to the more robust bass of the 12L. In a large room the 11Ls soundstaging is still better than the Spendor S3/5. Both Quads are as fast and transparent as the Triangle Titus but not at all fatiging.

Mark, where and how did you make your assessment of the 11L being faster and more coherent? What size room and type of electronics? Did you buy them?
I would have to good as the 11Ls are...the 12Ls are even better...they throw a larger, wider soundstage...and for a monitor...there bass is exceptional both in speed and low distortion(and this is a port I mind you...go figure) any rate...I do feel the extra cost of the 12s are justified...they go low enough that a sub is not mandatory...and this includes heavy, bass dominant material....for those with smaller rooms or on a tight budget...the 11Ls are a great value...
Hello, my dealer also prefers the 11L..I have also discussed with a reviewer of tnt-audio. He is in the process of reviewing both...He much prefers the 12L that he qualify of Giant killer...I don't know when the review is going to be available. Regarding the difference between the 11L and 12L, this is the answer from Quad: " The 12L have not got a lower frequency range (as you mentioned), but plays louder in the bass region. " Don't know what that means ...
I think it means they are tuned to the same LF roll-off but the 12L with its 6 1/2" woofer has a more solid bass output. Not lower, but better. Both spec down to 45hz. Im using a VPI HW19 jr / Musical Fidelity E624 CDP> Transcendent Grounded Grid> Quad 909> 12Ls fullrange w/pair of sealed powered subwoofers. I have only had the 12Ls for a couple weeks but I very happy with them. My other speakers have nice sounding ribbon tweeters and I cant say the Quads give up anything to them. I can see where they could sound bright in a bright system though. I like them more the more I listen.
Hi I have the 21Ls but they are very similar in characteristics to the 12Ls, except with deeper bass. I love them to death, I actually bought them over the 12Ls because, someone accurately pointed out on Audioasylum, that a good set of stands will set you back almost as much as the difference between the 12L & 21L - but you also get better bass response, and the look of a small - gorgeous - tower speaker (that my Girlfriend absolutely loves).

For a look at how I'm running my setup click my system link, I've got a detailed listing of my gear, why and how I chose it etc.

Nathan K.
I just bought a pair of Quad 12L's a few weeks ago and have about 30 hours of "burn-in" time on them. What can I say? Just a great speaker with wonderful soundstage and transparency.
This is going to sound crazy, but I have 2 systems and hooked the Quad 12L's up to both and here are my listening results.
System I
*Parasound HCA-1500A amplifier (205 wpc)
*Parasound PLD/1100 pre-amp
*California Audio Tercet MKii CD player
*Chang Lightspeed 3200 line conditiioner
*Audioquest Midnight x3 speaker wires (bi-wired)
*Audioquest Quartz interconnects

System II
*Harman Kardon HK3370 Receiver (70wpc)
substituted for the Parasound amp and pre amp above.All other components were the same.

RESULTS: I hate to say it folks, but my 56 year old ears tell me that there is NOT much of a difference between the soundstage and transparency betweeen the 2 systems! The Parasound amp and preamp combined retail for about $1,800 and the HK3370 receiver retails for less than $400. I was blown away when the HK3370 receiver compared so favorably against the Parasound separates! The folks at New England HiFi in Portland, Maine said they have done comparison tests against their "lower priced high-end" separates and said they had similar results. HK was bought out by Acoustic Research and they must have incorporated some changes in the HK receivers that were used in the high-end AR products to make such a difference in the receivers. I had to find out for myself and I can honestly say that the "law of deminishing returns" applied in this case! The Quad 12"s sounded just wonderful with the HK3370 receiver! If I had it to do over again, I would dump my separates and go with the newer HK3475 receiver and get rid of the separates. I know most of you folks out there must be saying that "this guy must be deaf", but I am a VERY CRITICAL listener and my ears are the final judge. Go out and spend money on expensive separate compents if you like. I think that the line conditioner, good wires/interconnects and a great CD player made the difference in the system.
I can't wait to hear back from the "audio addicts" out there who say this guy must be kidding. Take a listen to the HK 2 channel receivers and judge for yourself. Get a hold of the fine folks at Canadian HiFi in Regina Sask. for the best price on the Quad 12 L's. Great prices and great people!!!!
hi everybody,

I'm looking for 4 of those Quad 12L as second hand.
Those or :
- Diapason Micra III or Prelude III (bigger)
- Castle Trent II

What do u think of those proposals ?
Do someone sell its Quad 12 L ?

Eric from France
I didn't like the 12Ls. I found their sound a tad recessed and not quick. I use VMPS products so I guess I'm spoiled by the speed of ribbons.

However, I've heard great cone speakers that markedly best the 12L's in the under $1000 category like the Green Mountain Europas or Onix Ref 1's used.

I know there's other monitors out there as well. These two monitors are the ones that I've directly compared them to however.
I just revamped my sound system. I bought the Quad 11L's, QUAD 99 CD, QUAD 99 preamp, QUAD 909. WOW! I wish I did this sooner. Best sound I've had. My old system was more than twice the price too!
From the smaller quads, go to the 22L's. They are wonderfull speakers, sharing the qualities of the 21L, but with better (and more) bass. I do not agree that the 21L sounds better, maybe with average amplification. Feed the 22L a quality signal and your jaw will DROP !
Hi: New 12Ls. After moving speakers away from rear wall about 10 inches, plugged both rear ports with straws to flatten a 6 dB bump around 100 Hz. After the "strawing" peak is under 4 dB and low end is now -6 dB at 45 Hz instead of 50 Hz. Electronics is as follows: Adcom 555 II pre-amp, Musical Fidelity A3cr power amp, Panasonic DVD A-110 plus Audioquest Ruby interconnects and type 4 for speakers. Regards
I had the 11L in the Yew finish, stunning, beautiful.
Had the 12L's in Rosewood, sounded fuller, better.
Now have NHT sb 3's they sound better IMO than the 12L's, faster tighter bass and maybe a bit deeper. The SB's also are non fatiguing yet very detailed. I like them better.
I had them all 22/21/12/11L and after having 3 of them in 3 various periods of time (I did own them) the only one that is still in my system and I trust is going to stay as my secondary system is the 11L.

My room size is 18 X 15 and 8.5 height.
My secondary system : Classe CAP150 (originally Krell 300i which is terrific as well)
Classe CDP.5 and cables are mainly Audience and IC is the PBJ with WBT. Stands for the 11L is very similar to the Target R4 design and is sand filled. Placement is away from the walls.

I am a big fan or the original Rogers BBC/LS3 and these Quad 11's do sound like them in many ways with a heavier lower end extension that will impress the hell out of you for its dimensions. The finish is a bonus!
And do listen to Phasecorrect!

He is correct, do not under estimate the price tags for the Quad L series, it will compete with some of the very best book shelfs out there and 5 X its cost.

If you are going to use these speakers ex 11/12L with a 30 watt NAD or ROTEL well then you are really not going to see the full potential of these book shelfs. Try it with a Krell 300il or Classe CAP integrated amplifier (which sounds like a little overkill but ....) with an good SOURCE and trust me, you will have many thoughts about exotic priced book shelfs for sure. Its true engineering as to what can be accomplished from such a size and true marketing for the finally finished goods including the Ebony Piano Gloss LE pairs.

Hope this helps
Rapogee: And do listen to Phasecorrect! He is correct, do not under estimate the price tags for the Quad L series, it will compete with some of the very best book shelfs out there and 5 X its cost.

Since there are always some mediocre speakers with high price tag, any speaker that is basically good will sound better than some that are more expensive.

Question is, does it sound better than all contenders, the best among them, up to a certain price point?

I would be happy to hear about any side by side comparisons between the Quads and the more expensive entries from the likes of Harbeth, Spendor, Proac, etc., and also Silverline, Tyler, Salk, Zu, etc al from the other side of the pond. In other words, not just some more expensive speakers but the better regarded ones.