Amps on the cheap....real cheap

I have a pair of power hungry A-1 soundlabs. My original intent was to pick up a set of JC-1's or Atma MA-1 to drive them. That is still my intent but it won't happen for a year or so. In the mean time, I would like to find something to power them with. I have an old Adcom GFA 555 which I could utilize. This amp is bridgable to 600W mono. My thought was to pick up a second one, run them mono (current used price around $300.00) and live with it until I spend the money on better power.

Before I rush out and buy another used Adcom I thought I might get your thoughts on the best budget amps out there, either mono or single chassis, that would have the juice to get the A-1 moving.

I know this is a tall order on the cheap but I am sure there are a few great budget amps out there on the cheap that would hold me over.

I would like to stay under 6 or $700.00 for the amps.

Thanks in advance.
Since it is a short term solution just buy another Adcom and minimize your expense.
Parasound, Proceed, B&K, Aragon, Rotel, Classe are ones that you could look into.
I would imagine that the Adcom would be the most cost-effective choice. Another thought would be to try one of the older Carver amps.

I second the Carver option, I used to own an M4.0t 375 WPC to drive very power hungry Totem Mani-2s. They worked fine.
Sell the Adcom and buy a used Innersound ESL which is a very big step up and made to run ESL's. Less than $1000 used (I imagine) by now.
Buy two Applied Audio Research SLA 2 amps. They cost $250 new each. One would also be enough.

These are studio amps and sound 85% as good as the best solid state amps one can buy. I know as I have owned SS amps like the JC1's, Belles Reference and others.

I know its hard to believe and most don't. See my feedback as I am no hack. Feel free to contact me for more info.

These litle amps are just so good.

what Philijolet said. IMO, the Adcom has a somewhat grainy/grungy sound in comparison.
Thanks for all the replies guys, I do like the esl idea, I have heard pretty good things about them. Carver too. Keep the ideas coming, I know there is a large group of people out there that are like me, looking for a stop gap, or newer younger people just trying to break into audio that think pioneer is the end all-be all (no offense pioneer owners). There are some great budget amps and processors out there on the cheap.
Bridgeing amps actually will reduce their stablility into low impedances, so I think that one Adcom is better than two for your Sound Labs. Why not just throw a couple of hundred at upgrading your Adcom? You will have a nicer sounding amp that is stable into low impedances and the reactive load that the Sound Labs present.
How do you upgrade the adcom? Who might be qualified to do that and what would it cost?

I was trying to get the speakers up and running tonight, the right channel on the adcom was lighting up the distortion sensor on the front of the amp quite a bit earlier than the left and then it went dead. I believe that I lost the channel tonight so now might be a good time to either upgrade it or dump it...
Wow, that sucks. I take it that you are not handy with a soldering iron and a scope. Well, Musical Concepts is the best at this. Here is a link to the Adcom amp page:

Best of luck,
Marty Kohn
Portland, OR
Philojet, if you find an Innersound ESL amp for less than $1000, then you should definitely jump on it. They tend to run in the $1200-$1500 range for the ESL 300. (I own one; it's a great amp.) You're right in that it's the perfect choice for electrostats.

For the price that the original poster supplied, though, I don't think the Innersound is in range.

i will continue to keep a look out for a used esl 300 or sanders 300. I think that might be a great stop gap. I am currently upgrading the backing plates anyway so I have some time to look.

Thanks for all the ideas.

A few years back I saw a few of them in the $1000+ price range so presumed they could be had for less now but did not see any for sale here. Maybe it is because Innersound is out of business and people are holding on to them or none are being sold any more.
07-04-08: Grannyring
Buy two Applied Audio Research SLA 2 amps. They cost $250 new each. One would also be enough.
Now there's an SLA-4, which is 100w/channel x 4, so you could bi-amp at 100 watts per wire. These go for about $439. The really attractive thing about the SLA-4 mated to an electrostat is that the SLA-4 is rated to 2 ohms.

I think the funky and low loads that electrostatics sometimes present may be part of your problem.