Used Processor for Cheap as Dirt Magnepan Theatre

As a lifelong Magneplanar fan, I would like to experiment with their home theatre speakers to surround a new desk in my office.

For front left and front right I will use a vintage pair of Magnepans, probably MG IBs or taller, but nothing less than 5 feet tall.

I may not ever watch an entire movie, play at loud volumes or use a subwoofer of any kind.

But I would like to create a more immersive, non fatiguing environment for watching televison, multi media web surfing, background music etc.

For each channel, perhaps a Behringer A500, whose virtues as a dirt cheap monoblock have been well praised in another thread.

Can someone help me complete the idea with the best bargain for a surround sound processor on the used market?

Or any other ideas for a system/application of this kind?

Thanks for any ideas.
The sony ta-9000es's are often 500-ish, but don't do any of the new higher rez audio codecs. 27 lb of audio computer that doesn't sound bad! No multi-ch analog in
Meridian, Lexicon or Theta can be had for about $500 now days.
Thank you for ideas so far.

Googling around for these candidates, it seems some were released before they even had component video inputs?

I am not hung up on the latest inputs (HDMI?)or switching, but do plan to also use multiple video inputs, where I would at least like to use component video inputs for HD TV.

The main thing is trying to get away from the home theatre in a box receiver format, which I assume uses cheap amplifiers and might defeat the purpose of higher resolution Magnepans.

I don't think I understand the latest codecs, or all the gee whiz surround sound processing....would just like good quality, in the spirit of 2 channel audio but with the extra channels for a more immersive sound when seated at a desk with multiple computer screens and television monitors.
Then you might thing about trying an Onkyo PR-SC885 or 886, these units do it all(HDMI and Component) and you can get them for under $1,000. Anything you get, you will have to compromise in one area or another.


Yes - getting warmer!

That is looking pretty close to what I had in mind - I like the rack mount option too...
Maybe not quite cheap as dirt, but I just found an old review of the Magnepan home theatre speakers where the reviewer was raving about magical sound and sound stage which came from a Cayin TA-30.

I have always used tubed preamps but have never had tube power amps due to Magneplanar's reputation for being so power hungry.

But given the low volume and more nearfield set up for this application, could anyone recommend the Cayin, or another reasonably priced amp for tube magic in the front channels?
i would look at the theta's out there, specifically the casanova's are dirt cheap. not sure about your interest in component video as most of the tv signals will be passed through any processing as will any signals processed in a player. you will not find better digital at that price imo.