Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one

I was advised not to make any more comments on this by my fiancé, who asked why I would respond to someone who clearly wanted to create conflict here in the forum, when I had such a great experience dealing with the company. I should have taken her advice to start with. I'm done here.

My final statement is that my amplifier was purchased from Art Audio USA, and I could not be happier with the product, or my dealings with Joe Fratus. Take that as you will.
Seriously??? Art Audio? Man, they are the worst!
^ I hope you were just kidding. Pretty insensitive if not. We all are entitled to what we like and can afford.
Some audiophiles are having the hk Citation 16 refurbished. I'm sure they consider them keepers for life. When I think of keepers for life I think of the old stuff like the the Macs, the Marantz, the hk tubes--the vintage stuff.
I have my original Citation 16 which I purchased from a dealers display system back in 1979. It was a two-year old demo at that time. It has operated flawlessly for over 34 years. This particular model, being very early, was manufactured in Plainville Long Island USA. I run it from a tube hybrid preamp which is a good complement. I do not plan on getting rid of it anytime soon.
My Lindemann 885 is a keeper for life. I can't imagine a better sounding amp and I can still carry it without any help. This becomes more important when you get old...
This op post should have been a part of the original thread on that topic. I guess he wanted his post to be noticed?

If one goes back to the original thread and reads the prior op post there and the negative response to it.. all i can say is the op has some problems with the whole situation.

Apparently other folks have been ripped off by someone in the chain of that manufacturer. And this op here is rather touchy about it all.
So.. all in all none of it seems to matter to the op. As the poster refuses to discuss why or where he got his amp.
So considering other folks lost money for amps they paid for but never got. My fantasy opinion is the poster may HAVE one of those amps meant for another person, paid for but never delivered.
That is just a silly hunch.. but I am betting on it.
Quicksilver 90 watt Silver monos
I had great dealings with Joe of AA. You can pick up his amps on the used market for great prices and they do sound good. As for others....who knows?
I also had great dealings with Joe Fratus. I moved on when it got messy.
What's your fiancee, a lawyer? Maybe it would be good if she is. From what I read about Joe Fratus back in the day, you may need one soon. And as far as me wanting to create controversy on the forums, she has no idea of what she is saying, and neither do you apparently, or you would not be dealing with him to begin with.
Good luck with your amp. You'll need it.