Aesthetix,cary audio and pass lab synergy

Hi there,
This is my first posting here and i am glad to be a part of this forum as i have been reading a lot from here before i joined up.

Coming from a car audio enthusiast over the years and after marriage things have changed and i have been looking, reading and auditioning over the past 6 months or so for a proper home proper hifi set up.
I will building my system around a pair of dyns confidence C1 speakers which I have acquired from my uncle who sold it for a very good price.

Finally i have narrowed down to these few brands that I am seriously looking into Aesthetix, cary audio, pass labs and rogue audio. These are the only brands that appealed to me due to its price ,sound and support.
CDP/DAC : Aesthetix Romulus
Preamp : Aesthetix Callisto, cary audio slp-05, pass xp-20
Amp : Aesthetix Atlas, cary S500.1, x250.5 and rogue M-180
Others are like ARC, Lamm, audio note, bryston and audio space i did auditioned but somehow it was either above my budget or it just didn't sound right to me. Also the dyns are on the power hungry side which was a factor for me when driving it with to its full potential which was why i didn't include cary tube amps ,passx100.5 monos and atlas monos(again also due to price factor).
Now the problem i am facing, is trying to get a good understanding on these system synergy when mixing these brands and a comparison shootout between these brands as its hard for me to get it on loan as I stay very far from those audio shops. So my question is :
1) Has anyone heard/auditioned a combination between these brands together such as romulus--slp-05--atlas as in compare to a full aesthetix setup or even a mixmatch such as romulus--slp 05--rogue M 180?

I have heard a full same brand matching but the curiosity side of me was to always think of better system synergy by mixing it up (this was how i did for my car audio and there was nothing on the same brand for my final setup)

2)for that some reviews showed that slp-05 was not a good combination with the SS pass x250.5 due to its impedance miss match how would it be with the combination of slp-05 or xp-20 with atlas amp or even rogue m180?

Well that's all for now, there will definitely be more questions coming from me but for now i shall leave it to this only.
Hoping for all of those who have had the experience and pleasure of listening to this brands could please chime in and give your advice to a noob like me..Cheers
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I have had an all rogue system and currently all aesthetix (signature rhea, calypso and atlas) . At various times I had other components mixed in until having all of the same brand. I do like the synergy that is offered by having like brand components (coherence, elimination of grounding problems..). I will say both rogue and aesthetix offer a lot of value for their price. In my opinion the aesthetix product offers the best combination of audio quality, build, appearance, finish, industrial design, reliability, customer support, upgradability, and price that I can see. They offer access to true high end at an "obtainable" price.
I just added the Romulus to Pass X250.5 and Pass XP-20 and find it to sound fantastic together.
I owned a Aesthetix Callisto Tube preamp and a Pass Labs XA 30.5 Amp, they worked very well together.
Great thanks for your response.... yeah I was having the same impression about aesthetix products as they are well built with good support along with cary products too. I heard a full aesthetix set up and was impressed with it however pass and cary was an issue as the dealer didn't have the x350.5 which i heard great reviews about it and cary was out of stock for Cad-120s .. I am getting a good offer for a cary slp-05 and rite now am leaning towards either :
a)romulus--callisto--atlas(great synergy)
At this point it's all great gear and just a matter of speakers/room/personal preference
((I have heard a full same brand matching but the curiosity side of me was to always think of better system synergy by mixing it up))

Could You be thinking too much?
choosing one designer makes sense to work all the gain,feedback,voicing, quality parts, proper pre amp output Imp to easier input imp interface working together for the music = A

This is what could happen when you listen with your pocket book D.
thanks AC for your input.....You've sure helped me spend my money wisely....I love what you've put together for me. I will say that when I've heard the Aesthetixs at your place they just sounded right.
I've owned Dyn C2's & C4's. IMO, they are not as power hungry as many believe. You would be just fine with Pass XA 60's... BTW their XA series amps seem to be preferred over their higher powered class AB "X" series amps. Don't assume you have to run with a solid state amp, as I remember talking to the Mktg Mgr of Dynaudio about 6 years ago and him speaking of his fondness of ARC tube amps with the C2.

While I have not heard Aesthetix Atlas amp or Romulus CDP, I am a big fan of their preamps, previously owning a Calypso and now a Calypso Signature. I've yet to read anything negative about the Romulus and it will be on my short list if I change my current digital setup.
I have the Romulus Signature (which I love), and have been using a Calypso pre and various SET amps, and have always got very good sound--I just switched to the Manley Neo Classic 300B pre, but primarily because it is also a great headphone amp. I'll likely sell the Calypso but I think it is a great pre--I'd really like to hear the Calypso Sig (I've considered having mine upgraded). But bottom line I've found the Aesthetix products to mesh with other brands quite well.
thanks for the replies, maybe I'm thinking too much due to my car audio experience which I was in for 10 years buying amps with preamps mixing it up gained a lot of benefit sound wise but not financially..i really like the aesthetix line and cary series a lot and yes XA series is nice but the price is abit on the expensive side for me..well i guess you have to start somewhere..thanks
Welcome. At this point its usually suggested to choose a speaker that works well in your room then tailor the electronics around the room/speaker.

Your considering well established designers which is a good thing. Sonically, there are going to be subjective differences that will depend on your own taste. While you may get a fairly good read on these differences on these boards, IMO its worth taking your time to hear them in person. Even then your results at home will most likely vary. Also, IMO attending all the days of an audio show can be a level playing field for this purpose.

The key is to take your time. You may have made a solid choice and get some decision making information the following week.

I feel compelled to share a recent audio show experience. I've mentioned this before so my apologies. I hadn't been to an audio show in some time and this one had a very few surprises. First of all, no matter how good the digital playback was, and it was very good, I immediately relaxed when I entered any room that featured analog play back.

I entered the small Pass Labs room which seemed dwarfed by a pair of 50 year old Jensen Imperial speakers which were faithfully reproduced with reconditioned Tannoy drivers by the demonstrator. The front end was a Technics SP 10 (12" arm and cartridge?) Pass two chassis Preamplifier and their 50 watt amplifier. The demonstrator said the cabling was extremely affordable.

From disgustingly loud Hip Hop and Rap which drew actual complaints from nearby rooms, Rock, Jazz, large and small scale Classical, this system was a run away stand out for many who heard it.

With modest wood working skills and a little luck on eBay for the drivers these Jensen's could be made somewhere in the $2-$5K area, The only big ticket seemed to be the preamplifier.

I can't speak for anyone else, if you find yourself listening to your system and not the music, beware. Welcome and good luck.
I may need to save up to get the Romulus....I'm still hoping Ayre comes out with some sort of music server, SS hard drive and DAC with multiple connections all in one...
Yes db you are right on listening to music and not the system..that why I am and have been thinking on the system synergy rather than brands and those few brands that I mentioned yielded my audible attention..The best and ideal way would be by getting all the setup done at my place and listening to it one by one but unfortunately I'm staying very far from where these audio shop's are situated and they don't provide such services for me..
Welcome! Tjbhuler-

agree w/ above- Aesthetix & Pass Labs are sonic matches. If you decide to buy an Aesthetix piece, spend the extra money, and get the signature edition! I love the Romulus spinner, it is the best, in its class. You will not be disappointed.

Next, more importantly, which brand(s) of cables/power cords do you plan to use?

Keep me posted & happy listening!
Yes I am looking at the signature version for the callisto and for cables right now I have vdh the first rca's and kimber kable for my speaker cables as for power cords have not looked into yet (which I will after I have setup my system, need to assess what is lacking before invest for the right power cables).
Has anyone tried the romulus signature version and compared with the non signature? Would love to hear your input on it..
You guys have really helped me alot. Will definitely update on my decision and my impression for my final setup..cheers
There is a thread up that covers the Romulus Sig, non sig, and an in between version