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Compatible Speakers for a Coda
Coda is a hugely under rated manufacturer whose speaker suggestion I would trust. Their products provide astonishing current delivery which should make mismatching almost a non issue. Finding a presentation to your satisfaction will be your task.A... 
Rel T7i matching up with Monoblocks
Why did you choose that particular subwoofer? 
REL R25 good ?
For nearly the same cost easier setup, better speaker integration and remote control fun. http://syzygyacoustics.com 
I am considering a Velodyne DD-18...
Good to hear. Since the Audio Reference of Germany purchase the service network may have changed. https://www.velodyneacoustics.com/service/ 
Are these Speakers the BEST on Planet Earth ?...
Ultimate Spinach? Far out man. Had to look them up, the "Bosstown Sound"? Were those your formative years?Kii Audio put on an interesting digital source demonstration at an audio show last year (no subwoofer yet). The advancements and and results ... 
Should people who can't solder, build or test their speakers be considered audiophiles?
A question that's cultivated some amusing responses. There are a number of people here I'd love to pull a cork with.   
Pairing a sub with A/D/S L1290s
http://sportsbil.com/ads/pb-1500_om.pdfThere are some current subwoofers with onboard equalization that goes well beyond the idea of brand or model matching. Having the ability to equalize the sub to any future speaker choice and the convenience o... 
Subwoofer Causing Amp to Stay On
Try the low level RCA inputs. 
Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
Clearly, I misspoke stating eight feet tall.  
Really need some help finding a full range speaker
+1 for tomic601's Vandersteen suggestion. If your lucky enough to be able to audition most any Vandersteen model along side your Paradigm's you'll experience, as my family and I did, within the very first minutes what time and phase design brings ... 
Magico M9 The new 'norm' in speakers
Good for Magico!They sell ten pairs and probably make their overhead for the year. Eight feet tall and manufactured on the track tested Hayward Fault.   
Full Range speakers for a living space
Metal and no low frequency control?The only truly full range speakers use adjustable self powered subwoofers. Unfortunately, the speaker location is usually the worst place for the low end of the full range.Most any room can handle crazy low frequ... 
Paradigm PDR-10 Connection Question
What does McIntosh suggest? 
I can prove your room is bad
edcyn, an office chair may prove enlightening.  
2 subwoofers - 1 brand?
If your subwoofers are to support a home theater only and your receiver or pre-pro has some form of LFE calibration your main concern could simply be if the second sub you choose has a low level (RCA) input to get signal from your primary subs RCA...