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3way replacement for my 2way
If your Comete's are toe'd in aimed at your listening position try placing them ruler flat straight ahead, measure the front inner corner distance and ad approximately one half - two inches to the rear inner corner distance.Use a wheeled office ch... 
Bricasti M1 - M5 - M12: Network Player - My REVIEW w/OEM Response Brian Zolner @ Bricasti
Total digital luddite about to walk away from Mac Mini WiFi > Squeezebox Touch COAX > Metrum Mini NOS DAC.I'm attracted to Bricasti for number of reasons, paramount is the idea of an ethernet cable from my modem / router directly into the Ne... 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Altec Voice of the Theater’s that I used for PA long before I was interested in home audio. In hindsight they never failed despite whether and modern 70’s electronics.  
Qobuz sound quality intermittent issues?
I don't know Dick, considering the quality of the componentry being used and the daytime occurrences I'd guess the fault is with the cable service and / or the music provider. If your living anywhere near storm damaged grids is another possibility... 
Bricasti M3 or Lumin T2
I'd like to look into more all in one designs myself. The M3 with the network player option, their application download and a single ethernet connection is a perfect example.Judging by the age of this thread there's not much else out there or mayb... 
adsell I have had 2 JL Audio F112 v1 for a long time now, they are pair with Wilson Sophia v1, I use a Trinnov AL16 to do bass management, they are brilliant and build quality is tops. I have used them with multiple setups, tube and SS preamps. If... 
Demos - To Charge a Fee or to Not Charge a Fee?
How about 9.25% off if you ask nothing but the price if it’s not clearly posted. 
Loudspeakers promiscuity and a list of my former passions
Spectacular history, thanks for sharing.I find promiscuity a term a somewhat judgmental or envious observer gives one who has been successfully beckoned by variety.Something you may have picked up during the 60's and simply repurposed in the decad... 
What is the #1 equipment want currently on your HiFi horizon???
Don’t know what it is yet.The families increased day to day use of digital has me in a conundrum of deciding a more universal access device over our current Squeezebox Touch.  
Dual SVS PB-1000 Pro versus Dual Rythmik LV12F- does Servo Technology Matter.
bladerunner6, welcome to AudiogoN.Speaking for those who are obviously offering suggestions by sharing their actual experiences, apologies for the somewhat elitist snark that the well fertilized internet seems to produce. Clearly, your 'seriously'... 
Ethernet cables
So using a Roon Nucleus or another streamer/server is an improvement with the Bricasti M3, even an M3 with the Network Player Option? In either case, is this due to eliminating the Mac or the PC from the system?  
Ethernet cables
Far out! Thanks for the information. Now I'm getting stoked.   
Ethernet cables
Later, you might consider hard wiring the xFi Pod to your WiFi router (or a network router), if it’s not too much trouble.So, the DLNA (I don't know what that is) they say won't be supported over WiFi will function?But in the end an uninterrupted ... 
Ethernet cables
I'm about to pull the trigger on a  Bricasti M3 with their optional Network Interface. I have concerns about a difficult ethernet cable installation from the white Xfinity xFi Router/Modem located in another room after reading this FAQ.   https://... 
Importing SACD Players from Japan
I have a Denon/Modwright DVD 5900 that's not reading SACD's. Is the calibration a difficult procedure?