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With $20,000 in your hand, what speaker would you
I'd pony up another $17,000 for the Tonian Labs TL-M1 MKII. If not, I'd settle for the TL-D1s. You could pocket $17,500 andbe quite satisfied. There are some models in between that wouldfloat your boat.They are that good. 
Review: Tonian Labs TL-D1 Speaker
Great review of a great speaker. I, too, have the Tonian TL-D1 and couldn't have said it better. A $10,000 giant killer for $2500 about sums it up. 
The best speaker you ever heard?
Tonian Labs TL-Ml MKII.The most natural sounding speaker I've ever heard. 
CD Player Under $1.5k With Vinyl Sound
I second Stephennic's take on the CD-120 Linear. Anything with no upsampling/oversampling and just 16 bit with no opmaps or digital filters do wonders in approaching that vinyl sound your after. A stepup would be the Consonance Orfeo, from their F... 
Tonian TL-D1 verse Zu Druid Mk4
Can't say I've heard the Druid Mk4 but I did get a chance, a few years back, to hear what Zu had then, and try as I good, I couldn't get my ears around them.Someone else here, after going to the same show, stated that it was like listening to musi... 
Speaker cabinet construction..
It goes 'round and 'round and it all boils down to how to market a speaker?Trust your ears, what Bell Labs discovered many decades ago, and take all the white papers out there and line your birdcages with them.Again, trust your ears and not what s... 
Tonian Labs TL-D1
Tholt: I don't know if there is a demo policy but just call to see. As for the words, they are quite delicious, indeed. I have them for breakfast every day and can't get enough. Just kidding. I know the process when the honeymoon is over (we've al... 
Tonian Labs TL-D1
I'm using a Red Wine Audio 30.2 integrated. Its a wonderful match.I got them from Tony Minasian through Acoustic Image in Studio City, Ca.Elliot Midwood is the proprietor of the shop and both are the best to deal with. 818-762-1501 is the number f... 
Speaker shock absorbers
Try Herbie's Tenderfeet or the bigger Tenderfoots.Herbies Audio Labs. 
Best Budget interconnect cables for cd to preamp
RS Cables Silver ICs work for me.$99/for about 22". 
Review: RS Cables Solid Silver and Duet's Interconnect
Nice review. Yes, the RS Silver ICs are amazing for the price. All they took was about 12 hrs to settle down and I was sold. Detail aplenty with none of the negative attributes that one hears about the use of silver cables. More natural and fuller... 
"Budget" cable advice, please
Try RS Cables Silver ICs and Clear Day Audio speaker cables.$220 for the both and I'm quite happy with the results. 
OK I'm sold on interconnects, now speaker cable?
I second the Clear Day Cables solid core speaker cables.Great bang for the buck. 
"Budget" cable advice, please
Try RS Cables silver interconnects and Clear Day Cables silver speaker wire.Great bang for the buck.Can't recommend a power cord as I'm off the grid. 
Most resolving, transparent amps.
Red Wine Audio.Being off the grid, you won't get a quieter background.That naturally leads to a resolving ability that you have tohear to appreciate.