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High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
At 56, my hearing ability has suffered as evidenced by my inability, at times, to hear someone talking directly to me in a noisy environment. But put me in front of a system and all bets are off concerning the limits of my hearing. Just like speed... 
solid state vs tubes
I've heard both very good tube systems and very good SS systems sound great. They're just coming to grips with the solution from two different angles. The better ones do tend to sound the same despite their different starting points. Its only our ... 
Speaker Wire Recommendations?
Try Supra Linc 2.5s. Same wire for the last 30 years. They have more expensive wires but I'm content with their entry level offering. 
$500-$1000 to spend on a used CD player
You might want to try the TEAC PD-H600 for just under $1000, new. I've had mine for a few months now and it is really opening up for some of the most detailed and organic presentations I've heard in my system. Great transients and layering. For gr... 
Need more inputs in preamp, what to use?
How about Goldpoint?http://www.goldpt.com/sw4.html 
how to clean brushed aluminum faceplate?
I use Goo Gone. Probably the long lost brother of Goo Off. Got it at Loews.Works like magic. 
6922 tube recommendations
Try Bent Jessee here:http://www.audiotubes.com/6dj8.htmTry the '71 Mazda RTC. I had one in my Music Hall DAC and it made all the difference. 
System pairing
So the only constant in your system are the Carver Amazing Silvers? Or was that just another choice? Sounds like you've researched this but have yet to hear it.No real way to tell as reviews are dime a dozen. You have to hear it over the long haul... 
Eastern Electric's new tube DAC using ESS Sabre??
There's a short mention of the EE DAC over at 6moons just posted today in the review of the Wyred DAC. Not much since it was a short comparo to the Wyred.Kinda of hint. 
Wyred 4 Sound DAC1 or DAC2?
Check out the latest review on the Wyred DAC over at 6moons.com. That should go a long way in answering your question. Or at least add anotherperspective. 
The CD player is dead.......
If I had the hair to comb over I'd still keep my CDP until the cost of the Qsonix comes down. As good as computer audio is, there's another post somewhere about just how bad they can sound and how a Hackintosh is the only way to go.And once you've... 
Luxman L 505 U Integrated Amplifier
Check out the other discussions here on Luxman.This has all been addressed before.Quick take: Any service needs to be done in Japan.High markup here in N. America.Transformer had no effect on sound.Quality of unit almost precludes any warranty wor... 
If money were no object, what would be in your rig
Bigger, dedicated room in a house of my own at least a stones throw from any neighbors (it would be good if I good shoot skeet off my back porch).I'd keep my system 'simple' and just enjoy the music.Let's see now,Luxman 509uOne of the Tonian Labs ... 
Is the laser from Rotel 975 CDM-9 the same as
I believe all laser pickups are by Funai. 
'Best' CDP for under $1000 ? Upgrade to GCD-575
Agreed. Those guys at Esoteric waved their magic wand overthis CDP and came up with something really nice.