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High resolution Copper IC with PRAT like AntiCable
Haven't heard the the ones mentioned by the OP but I second Glide3's recommendation. I use the Supras for my speaker cables as well and am thinking of going for their power cable as well. 
Why no remote controlled discrete resistor volume?
Good question. Potentiometers can add up to 7% distortion to the signal. That's a hell of a lot. Granted, QC goes a long way to avoid that, but what I'd like to know is just what is considered 'acceptable' to the audio community and is it widely k... 
What speaker for being close to rear wall?
This speaker was designed from the get-go to be placed against the wall and got some great reactions from those who heard it (myself, not included):http://www.sjofnhifi.com/products.html 
good headphone amp/preamp?
Don't you just love new neighbors? Its hit or miss when you live in an apartment like me. There are some room treatments you can do that might tame the noise unless its late night listening you're alluding to.Good luck, and mind your ears with tho... 
Why are "low hours" a consideration?
Using 'low hours' as an attribute would lead me to think the seller doesn't realize that it takes some time for a component to break in. Yes, one can get a feel for something right out of the box, but it does take time to settle in.If 'low hours' ... 
Christmas Tree Echo Control
Too bad they don't make Angel Hair anymore (loved handling that spun glass as a kid). You could layer that stuff anywhere. 
Christmas Tree Echo Control
Heck, you can even use the manger set and the little towns that are popular nowadays as cable lifters. Throw in some wreaths at the 1st reflection spots and you're set. See if she can top that. 
Speakers that excel at depth/layering/space
I second Johnsonwu's observation re: a widebander, for it's coherence. It doesn't have to be just a widebander-it can be augmented with a supertweeter and a sub (built in or not). So many variables here.The best and really, only time I heard jaw d... 
What Chores do Audiophiles Hate?
Isochronism:Although my neighbors lined up for the lemons, I could never bring myself to drink that lemonade. Just the thought that I'd be recycling myself was a non-starter. 
good headphone amp/preamp?
If you can wait awhile and maybe extend you budget, the Burson H-160D would work. It's brand spanking new, got great reviews, fits your needs but retails for around $1100. When partsconnexion.com starts to sell it, it will go with a good discount.... 
What are you sitting on?
An imaginary pile of money I saved by not buying audio equipment. 
What Chores do Audiophiles Hate?
The only chore I really hated was back in my youth. My dad was too cheap to pay for a hookup to the sewer so every year, the 'chore' would alternate between my brother and myself. The chore consisted of digging a 3' square hole about 4 feet deep w... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
"04 Acura RSX---95,000 miles. Exceptional car but wears a bit on my 56 year old frame. Need something a little softer, a little more mature. 
What time do you wear?
Invicta SAS, Christopher Ward Henley Automatic, Golana Diver, Tao International Automatic (Panerai homage), Rotary mechanical, Orient pocket watch. 
Would you pay to listen?
On another note, just ponying up the money would put a damper on things, at least for me. That $150K system I mentioned might not sound so good had I paid $20 every time I've heard it. I'd be in for a C note by now and that alone would eat at me. ...