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What are you sitting on?
An imaginary pile of money I saved by not buying audio equipment. 
What Chores do Audiophiles Hate?
The only chore I really hated was back in my youth. My dad was too cheap to pay for a hookup to the sewer so every year, the 'chore' would alternate between my brother and myself. The chore consisted of digging a 3' square hole about 4 feet deep w... 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
"04 Acura RSX---95,000 miles. Exceptional car but wears a bit on my 56 year old frame. Need something a little softer, a little more mature. 
What time do you wear?
Invicta SAS, Christopher Ward Henley Automatic, Golana Diver, Tao International Automatic (Panerai homage), Rotary mechanical, Orient pocket watch. 
Would you pay to listen?
On another note, just ponying up the money would put a damper on things, at least for me. That $150K system I mentioned might not sound so good had I paid $20 every time I've heard it. I'd be in for a C note by now and that alone would eat at me. ... 
Would you pay to listen?
Don't have to. There's a dealer with a $150,000 system not 10 minutes from where I live. He operates out of his home and is most generous with his time and advice. Talk about luck. 
I am openning a shop. What equipment should I sell
Like the plumber who's house always leaks, you'll never listen to audio for pleasure again. Why would you want to do that to yourself?But seriously, best of luck if you do decide to do this. 
How to divide up $4,500, Amp/Speakers
I. too, have the Tonian TL-D1s and agree with 'fast, detailed and transparent' but 'in your face' can apply to any speaker when not mated with the proper amp, unless they are smooth and wooly to begin with. Who would want that? The Tonians are mas... 
Best U.S. made integrated tube amp under $2500?
Don't forget Decware. 
Integrated for Harbeth Small Room System
I've mentioned this elsewhere but Tony Manasian of Tonian Labs uses an old Audiolab 8000A to demo his speakers. And they sound wonderful. Its not that just any old amp will do, but he stressed that that old Audiolab had only one transistor per cha... 
Burson Integrated amps
No, I haven't as of yet. After installing some HiFi Tuning Fuses in my 'interim' integrated, the sound got so good that I decided to wait until all the funds are in place. I'm still going to get it and if you decide to, check out partsconnexion.co... 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
I think I just may get my hearing tested to see where the gaps are. This exchange we've had makes me wonder if we've all been mistakenly mislead in our appreciation of certain things audio. A lot of reviewers cite HF rolloff or softening at the hi... 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
Djohson54, I was being facetious. No, make that snarky since I don't believe test tones are the end all when it comes to measurements on what and how we hear. You are right that with a great set of headphones, I could narrow down the actual limits... 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
Yes, you're right. Here are the graphs and it wasn't a typo:http://www.polkaudio.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58868 
High End Audio and Your hearing as you get older
On another note, I came across another graph showing that hand claps, footsteps, keys jingling, cymbals, piccolos, clarinets, bass tubas and female voices all knocking on the 15Khz door. Maybe I'm just hearing part of them in recordings or not, bu...