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Metal, aluminum, or wood for a rack ?
Z:Nice rack. I wish I took woodshop in high school. I got stuck with two semesters of printshop due to scheduling problems. Maybe in my golden years I'll take it up. 
Cables for interconnect and speakers?
I'm not that well versed when it comes to cables but I went from an all Supra cabling, except for the PC to all Zu Mission cabling when they had the sale before the end of last year. The level of improvement was better than I had thought it would ... 
Most musical integrated amp you have heard?
Another Aussie that I like is the Burson PI-160.Does everything for me. 
Voice. Most powerful and natural instrument.
I should also clarify that when some can really belt it out that the great ones do it without apparent strain. They don't bend over like they're having a seizure, mouth agape, eyes tightly shut, doing the Joe Cocker thing.They simply sing way bett... 
Voice. Most powerful and natural instrument.
After reading Elizabeth's response I think I'll take the Blue Whale over the current crop of diva's who simply yell as loud as they can. I could only watch two minutes of the Grammys and it was so nauseating to see all of them singing together try... 
High-end amplifier clarification?
If it makes me sit up and take notice, repeatedly, then it sounds like 'high end' to me.If I find myself stuck to my couch while never intending to do so, then it sounds like 'high end' to me.If I end up forgetting about the equipment, then its 'h... 
Voice. Most powerful and natural instrument.
Natural? Yes, for obvious reasons. Powerful? Yes. Just listen to Azam Ali from 'Portals of Grace'.I saw Rickie Lee Jones live back when she did 'Pirates' at the Pantages and her voice simply soared over the horn section like they weren't even ther... 
What credit cards do you use?
AX must have improved since I dumped them back in '89.Long story short: I moved out of state and stayed in a motel for one night.Finally settled in once I reached my destination. Filed change of address notification and went about my business. Nev... 
Can room acoustics amplify the sound of speakers?
Sunnyjim:Your thought of audio chains (at least upscale ones) providing room treatment advice with the purchase of equipment and not offering it is a good one. Just one look at the 'Geek Squad' for computers and HT installations merits a good look... 
Can room acoustics amplify the sound of speakers?
Davehrab:I think you hit the proverbial nail on the head. Burson audio is a firm believer in the drawbacks and limits of opamps and they keep them out of their product for some of the very reasons you state. Since acquiring their integrated, I've ... 
Solid State watts to power Zu Defintions?
Let's see: very efficient speakers, nice pre amp, and you need a good amp?Have you considered a Burson?I have the integrated version for my Tonians (not as efficient as yours-the Tonians are 95db) and it sounds wonderful. I believe the amp is arou... 
loudness wars: digital recording to improve?
All I can say is that I really like the new Black Keys CD and would like it even more if it sounded real, instead of recorded for MP3 users. There is so much potential in that CD. Its really a shame what the labels do. 
thoughts while listening
I only think of the music unless I slip into a daydream or actually end up dreaming through the whole CD. Happens a lot lately. Very therapeutic. 
Review: Burson Burson PI-160 Amplifier
Things I forgot to mention:85 watt per channelS/N=98db (CD, line)Class ABYou can tell I don't do reviews for a living. 
Ten audiophile commandments
Thou shalt chill out and listen for god's sake.So sayeth the shepard, so sayeth the flock.Amen.