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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there. 
New Zu Mission cable
Just ordered the Mission ICs, speaker cable and power cord. A no brainer at the prices and with the 60 day return policy.Will report back. 
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
Charles1dad,I think the appeal of Srajan's style has to be his being German born and classically educated, a world traveler, and having spent so much time in America. What seems, at first blush, to be an incongruence, grammatically, is actually ol... 
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
Charles1dad,Yes, it would. Being an avid reader of Srajan's reviews, I believe he tends to delve into these characteristics more when it tends to be an amp review. My guess was nothing more than that: a guess based on a perception of what I think ... 
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
I would say he is describing an amp and it's ability to portray an event that mimics reality without being too etched, which would draw one's attention away from said event to concentrate more on the individual performers, losing the magic of the ... 
Blue Moon Award for Burson Audio's new DAC/Preamp
If its anything like their headphone amp, then its probably going to be a winner. Srajan at 6moons loved it. I have their older integrated and am awaiting their newer on as I write this and trust me, they make a great sounding product. 
How does one get off the merry-go-round?
When you no longer see the brass ring. 
"American Sound" Speakers
Trying to pigeon hole the 'American sound' is, I believe, for naught. Our country is too damn big with too many points of view that to narrow it down would be academic, at best. Yes, there were ground breakers, earth shakers, and revelations of al... 
Surge Protector - Brick Wall/Zero Surge vs SurgeX
I've had a BrickWall in my system for several years now and hear no discernible difference from that and straight out of the wall. Anything else I've tried had that cheesecloth effect.My TV picture benefited as well. 
The Hub: The Audiophile Calendar, 2011
Darn.I went here thinking I'd see a calendar with 12 great shots of great gear done by a great photographer. With all the lovely shots out there on review sites, you'd think it'd have been done by now.Actually, this would be a bad idea. I could se... 
Anyone see this Marantz SA11S2 vs KI Pearl review?
The cheap fuses that come with any product are the weak link. Its one of those 'why didn't I see that before?' moments. Consider all the upgrades and mods before and after that fuse. Why stop there? Its a quick and easy fix. I turned a mid-fi inte... 
Do you listen alone or with guest s
Alone.Music appreciation is so subjective that similar tastes is a non starter. Appreciation requires concentration and having others around is a distraction, in so many ways. It is so deeply personal that it becomes a selfish act allowing one to ... 
The British Sound
Oregon, first post I read after work and LOL.Thanks, I needed that. 
The British Sound
Sound travels about 4.3 times faster in water than air, so there might be something to the humidity, albeit, a little. Couple that with their smaller rooms and I can see why they prefer a more laid back, treble. Or its just something in the water. 
Anyone successful in dealing with Tinnitus?
Eh? What was the question?