Your 5 Fav Rock Concerts

There are certainly more than a few geetar fanciers among us judging by all the threads on guitar bands and best guitarist. This thread is about the best rock shows you saw. Let's limit it to the rock shows. Not Blues or Jazz or solo performers. The concerts that raised the hairs on your neck or made you want to take up an instrument or raised your pulse through their sheer energy or just moved you through their performance on stage. The only ones that count are the ones you've seen. After making a list in my mind of the many rock concerts I attended, most from the late 1960's through early 80's, I have come up with mine. It was tough, I’ve seen well over 200 rock concerts over the years and it is really hard coming up with a top 5 but we have to limit this so here go mine. "Yes" - This group stands out as the 2nd best concert I ever saw with Steve Howe and Chris Wakeman. They opened for Emerson, Lake and Palmer and after their set I do feel that EL&P were disheartened and knew they couldn't match it; they didn't. Funny thing is like most, I was there to see EL&P. They were forced to have another concert the following night by popular demand. Virtuoso musicianship, “Poco” - This group could put on a show. I saw them 4 different times in the many various stages of their evolution. They never had the commercial recognition of some of the other great bands of their era but they sure made up for it in their live performances. No one stayed seated during a Poco concert. “Rod Stewart and Faces” - Ron Wood on guitar and Rod Stewart strutting all over the stage. Rod was probably the greatest natural Rock showman I ever saw, including Mick Jagger. His uninhibited manner and constant movement and soulful vocals brought the house down. The crowd wouldn't let him go after the 5th encore so he invited everyone ("especially the pretty young ladies") to his hotel to “party on”, and so they came; Led Zeppelin I had to include them because next to the Doors and of course Jimi Hendrix they were my favorites of that era and I never did get to see either of the other two. The acoustics were bad and they played so loud you couldn’t really hear the music. But they were great none the less and it was special to me. The best should be kept for last. "The Who" was acknowledged as the best concert band at the time. Getting tickets meant getting in line and waiting. I imagine at the time the only tougher ticket would be the “Beatles” and they weren’t even together then. They didn’t disappoint. The reaction of the audience was beyond anything I ever saw at a live concert before or since. The band was so cohesive and the energy they put out put them into a different realm. They just have to be on a very short list of the best live bands ever.
1. Pink Floyd-Dark Side of rhe Moon Tour 2. Jethro Tull-Thick as a Brick tour 3.Rolling Stones- 1965 American tour 4.The Who- 1968 American tour 5. Bob Seger-Night Moves tour.
Frank Zappa was the best I've seen (8 times), The Tragically Hip (6 times and counting), Stevie Ray Vaughn (5 times), Dire Straits (Money for Nothing tour), Jethro Tull (7 times), Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense tour). Hmmm, only allowed 5 eh? Damn!
I've got the answer, post twice! Steely Dan, Roger Waters, Van Halen, Rush, and Shania Twain (I can't stand her music, but that woman is worth the price of admission to gawk at, thank God for quality binoculars)
Great thread, Will. 1. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Four months before the Free Bird went down and Street Survivors came out, Ronnie Van Zandt and company were incredible, Columbus, Georgia 1975. 2. Rush, 2112 tour. First concert attended. Neil Peart on drums was the best I have ever seen. They “warmed up” Blue Oyster Cult and their laser light show all right! Columbus, GA 1975. 3. Rolling Stones, Some Girls tour. 83,000 fans in Cleveland Stadium 1978. Felt like a survivor. 4. Jethro Tull. Lexington, Kentucky at Rupp Arena, 1978. Got lucky and bought 3rd row seats from a scalper for $35 each and had Ian Anderson get on one knee right next to me and play his fanny off, (the stage was designed with two peninsulas on either end that encompassed the first 3 rows and I had the edge seats!) 5. All five of the David Allan Coe shows I have been to! Venues ranging from a bar at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina to a riverboat in New Orleans. If you ever get a chance to see him, you HAVE TO GO! As part of the lyrics to one of his hits says of his audience, “where bikers stare at cowboys who are laughing at the hippies who are praying they’ll get out of here alive!” Always long sets and the sound system is set up perfectly. Very Honorable Mention to a) YES In The Round b) Allman Brothers c) Atlanta Rhythm Section d) Wet Willie e) Sammy Hagar (as the Red Rocker.)PLEASE, can somebody tell me if the ZZ TOP Fandango tour was as great as I imagined I missed? Charlie
The Who in an open air theater in Florida performing Quaudrophenia (mid 70's). The Rolling Stones in Kansas City (mid 70's). Santana near Honolulu in a dormant volcanic crater (1972). Derek and the Dominoes with Elton John somewhere in Illinois I think (mid 70's). The original Fleetwood Mac and Savoy Brown St. Paul or Omaha, can't remember (early 70's). The music as well as the accouterments were top notch:-) I would have liked to include the Allman Brothers, but I can't remember any of the concerts except the Iowa City one just after Duane passed on. Maybe they should be number one?
Hendrix Detroit, Hendrix London, Hendrix Manchester, Tim Buckley Cleveland, The Hello People Cleveland.
I saw Pearl Jam a couple of years ago at a relatively small concert hall. They were unbeleavale. They acted as if they were playing in front of the crowd for the first time and the energy of the music and playing was endless. It was also the longest concert I have ever been to. They played half the night.
1. Led Zeppelin Madison Sq Garden in 1974 2. Sly and the Family Stone Madison Sq Garden 1970 3. Around 1976, I went to see Loggins & Messina at the Spectrum in Phila. and their warm up band practically blew them off the stage. The warm up band was called Fleetwood Mac. 4. Pink Floyd at Madison Sq Garden in 1978. 5. The Moody Blues at Madison Sq Garden in 1978.
Kings X, Tool, Alice in Chains (1st tour, in a club) actually all three where in clubs. Most other shows either the performance or sound just didn't do it for me. I know this isn't rock but Tori Amos with just the piano was great live too.
Hard to keep down to 5 and I will have surely forgotten something important.I also think sometimes the best gigs where the ones when maybe you didn't expect too much especially the first one on my list I thought they were a pop band when I went to see them boy was I wrong...... 1.Queen-Glasgow Apollo'79 2.The Waterboys-Barrowlands'86 3.American Music Club-King Tuts(Glasgow)'93 4.Rush-Glasgow Apollo'79 5.Bob Dylan-SECC-2000 Ben
Yeah Joe_B I saw Loggins and Messina 2 times 1st time in Phila when they opened for I don't remember who (at the Spectrum) in the early 70's were unknown and stole the show and that 1976 tour with Fleetwood Mac when they were the Featured Act. Your right about FM they put on a great show (this is how you get around the 5 limit)
steve stills w/his manassas band, bob marley & the wailers, the who, the greatful dead, johnny clegg & savuka, frank zappa
oh jeez, i forgot about lowell george & little feat - *that* band could rock!
Joe and Tubefgooever: Loggins and Messina also opened for Leon Russel as did ZZ Top when they were still a three piece boogie band. I agree that L & M had a very good live sound, even better than their album which I recall as being well recorded and done. They (both L & M and Russell) drew a wide audience both young and old at the Iowa State fair grounds due to their country influence. My mother at the time used to listen to the Rollong Stones album with Honkey Tonk Man on it while she vacuumed the house (I gave her a copy). She thought that the Stones were a C & W band. But later on Charlie Rich won out mainly because of his hair (he's talented but I think that the hair was the main thing). She would prop up the album cover so that she could see, well, the hair. My mother is now 77 years old:-)
In no particular order: George Harrison's Concert for Bangladesh; The Allman Brothers Band with Duane Allman; Funkadelic, in a 3000 seat theater; The Rolling Stones, also in a 3000 seat theater and Elvis Costello. There are plenty of others but those five do standout as among the best.
What a long, strange trip...Here are some shows that may jog a few memories out there: Elton John, Dave Mason and John Miles at Schaeffer Stadium, July 1976; Fleetwood Mac and the Eagles, Shaeffer Stadium, also July, 1976 (good month!); Little Feat (with Lowell George) at the University of Vermont, 1978; Jethro Tull at the Salt Palace, Salt Lake City, 1984; and the infamous Wet Rocks shows at Red Rocks, Morrison, Colorado with the Grateful Dead, 1982-83. Also, the Dead with Carlos Santana at the Calaveras County Fairgrounds in the early 90's was a treat. Happy Trails!
The Who 1970 3+ hours including all of Tommy Pink Floyd Atom Heart Mother Tour with Leonard Bernstein sitting in front of me at the Fillmore East The Youngbloods well over 3 hours with the entire audience dancing on their seats Zappa with J. Geils as opener - George Duke, Aynsley Dunbar band Woodstock
This post brings back lots of memories. Hard to put in a "order" I guess Allman Brothers Band in 90 New London, CT was 5. Took my daughter as she prompted and cajoled me into seeing them. Thinking to myself, yeah right, They will probably have to wheel Greg in and prop him up. Stand Corrected. They sounded fantastic, Greg was in great voice and mood. Betts was great. 4. Jethro Tull, Frankfurt, Germany 73 - Loved the music and adored the hopping around on one leg "madman flute" player. 3. Tragically Hip - Providence RI - 1989 - One of my very favorite bands that is current. Saw them in a club in front of maybe 150 people and have never been the same. Have seen them twice since in Mass and Kamloops BC. Absolutely one of the best bands touring today. 2. Rolling Stones - No Security Tour - Sacramento, CA 98 - Saw the Bridges to Babylon tour and enjoyed the big show, but thought the stripped down Stones, just some lights and Rolling Stones showed why they are the "Greatest Little Rock N Roll Band" in the world. Fantastic Show - Mick was Rockin!!! 1. Led Zeppelin - Madison Square Garden - 1977 - Scored Front Row tickets. Was like 12th row back. Lived up to the reputation. Best Hard Rock Band that ever played. period.
Queen 1977 Maple Leaf Gardens,U2 1984 MLG,Rod Stewart 1982 MLG,Mott The Hopple Okeffe Center,Rush/Max Webster Exibition Stadium.
The Rolling Stones. I'm 48 yrs.old . I've seen most of the ones listed. They have the most energy,innovation,stage presence,excitement. But the last time people were singing the last song as they were leaving the arena. This was San Jose April, 1999.
Here follows a list of fav rock concerts of more modern times...don't know if it makes for a 'top five' list, but it's what comes to mind. Yo La Tengo are certainly contenders for "the greatest living rock and roll band" lovers at heart and inspired musicians as well. A perfect synergy of 3 musicians and when they're 'on' they can amaze and transcend...any one of several great shows could make the list. A Japanese band Ghost completely surprised with one the heaviest & wickedly 'sonic' shows I've yet to see...Detroit '98 I don't know if you'd call them 'rock' but Ivo Papasov's Bulgarian Wedding Band definitely rocked their butts off with an incredible blend of jazz-rock and traditional Bulgarian idioms. He's a national treasure in his homeland and I honestly felt priviledged to witness such a sizzling and sublime set of music on this side of the ocean...San Francisco '91 The Flaming Lips in their earliest days as a 3-piece did something real special with their brand of sonic mayhem...their shows at the Foolery in Mt. Pleasant ''86-'87 are legendary The experimental art-rock combo Cul De Sac perform a pretty amazing blend of John Fahey devotion, abstract electronics, rhythmic drone and feedback mayhem. A show in Detroit in ('98?) or so was pretty amazing. ...and to the gentleman who witnessed a live Funkadelic show; my hat's off to a priviledged soul such as yourself.
Kiss/Cheap Trick in 75,Peter Frampton/J. Geils Band in 76, ELO in 75, Elton John in 82, Blue Oyster Cult in 76, Bon Jovi in 95 (took my 13 year old son for his birthday - band sounded good but couldn't keep my eyes off the women in the audience...
1) Stones: '69 Sympathy for the Devil tour @ Madison Sq. Garden (4 hour show inclding Ike & Tina Turner, Terry Reid, Paul Butterfiled Blues Band) 2) Who, '68 tour at Schaefer Festival, Wolmann Rink, NY, 3) Lou Reed/Velvet Underground, '68 @ Max's Kansas City, NY 4) Pink Floyd, The Wall Tour, NY, 5)Cream, '68 at Hunter COllege, NY
Here is the top 5 I have attended: 1. John Fogerty at the State Theater; Minneapolis, MN; September, 1997 -- Incredible show and audience. I went expecting to enjoy some old CCR memories and wound up attended a giant dance party. No kidding. I have NEVER EVER in my life seen an audience boogie so hard at a concert. I ended up drenched with sweat by the time it ended. 2. The Who at Target Center, Minneapolis, MN in the winter of 1997. The Who has always been one of my favorite bands, and I jumped at the chance to see their Quadrophina Tour. A friend and his wife got special invitation to sit in a suite owned by the (local) Old Dutch potato chip company. I walked into the suite and looked at the leather couches, full bar, and indirect lighting and thought "Man, this is the way to attend a concert." We sat and schmoozed while the opening band played, but when The Who got ready to take the stage, I opened the sliding soundproof glass door and took a seat in one of the leather "cooshies" that perched out over the crowd. I was always a fan of the Quad album and was amazed that the band played it all the way through note-for-note. Of course, Moonie, was long dead, but Zak Starkey was a fantastic replacement (way way better than Kenny Jones was) and Pete's son Simon did a great job playing the leads on guitar while pop sang and played rhythm. As soon as Entwhistle hit the opening bass riff to "The Real Me" the show moved like a stampede of crazed cattle. This concert is one of maybe two that ever made me actually cry tears. I'm talking hard weeping. Songs like "Bell Boy," "Sea and Sand," and "Love Reign Over Me" struck deep feelings inside my soul; it was like all of the past inner turmoils and tortured thoughts drained out of my body as I wept. This was not a concert--it was therapy! When "5:15" rang out, I almost fell off of the balchony as I jumped up and down in elation. The Who was MY band, and I felt indestructable!!!!! A great time (and excellent seats.) 3. Rod Stewart and Faces at the Minneapolis Auditorium; Fall, 1972 -- Rod the Mod was touring his "Every Picture Tells a Story" album, smack in the middle of his prime music and performance period. This was the first real rock concert I attended at 16 years old. I had just gotten my license and was driving my first car: a volkswagon microbus (kilo anybody). Did lots a partying on the way to the Twin Cities and ended up lost. I asked my buddy to check the map, as it was about 25 minutes until the concert. He mumbled something; I looked over and saw he had the map UPSIDE DOWN!! Anyway, we all made it and saw a fantastic show and sang "Maggie May" all the way home. 4. Loggins and Messina, Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles at the "new" Tampa Stadium; July 3rd, 1976 (the Bicentennial)-- I remember driving to Tampa early in the day and was looking forward to seeing The Eagles. Got there and settled on the field about 4PM. It was a beautiful HOT day out. People were roudy and drinking beer and pop. Every once in a while, there would be a huge WAR of crushed wax cups between the people on the field and the people in the lower deck. Sometimes so many cups would be flying, it looked blue-grey towards the sky. Loggins and Messina were very mellow and got everyone in a great mood. Then Fleetwood Mac came out. I had only heard their older records at the time (Bare Trees, Kiln House, etc.). Stevie Nicks did Rhiannon and totally mesmerized the entire crowd of 70,000 people. Their entire set was unbelievable, and I knew that day (pre-Rumours) that FM would sell millions of records. The Eagles sounded so tight that you might has well have had a recording playing. But their sweet harmonies drifted across the stadium as the sun set and the orange-blue sky darkened and a warm Gulf breeze cooled the sunburned stadium crowd. 5. Mason Prophet, Canned Heat, Jo Jo Gunne, J. Giles Band at the St. Paul Civic Center, sometime in 1973 -- This was another LONG concert and one of the first in the Civic Center. We got there VERY early and staked out a spot about 1/3 back from the stage on the floor. It was sort of odd because of the mix of bands, but after about 5 hours of music, the J. Giles Band came on stage and rocked the entire center silly. Fresh from the success of their "Bloodshot" LP. They played cut after cut of harmonica-laden blues rock with 20,000+ people writhing and boogieing like animals throughout their set. Magic Dick, anyone? And I just gotta add ONE more... 6. Andrew Gold, Hall and Oats, Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles at the Tangerine Bowl stadium Orlando, FL; Summer 1977--this was The Eagles "Hotel California" tour and another hot one. Andrew Gold was passable and did a cute rendition of "Oh What a Lonely Boy." Then a gentle rain started to fall as Hall and Oats took the stage to play an hour of blue-eyed philly soul while everyone swayed to the music (Sara Smile...). Then there was a long break and the sun popped out. Just in time for Jimmy Buffet! I am not a native of Florida, and I only lived there about 4 years, but the people there were totally crazy over Jimmy. It was like partying in someone's back yard--but with 50,000 other people there with you! Buffet had the audience in the palm of his hand and the crowd loved it. He must have played for about two hours as the sun started to sink. Then, The Eagles took the stage as huge "black silouetted palm trees on orange" netting was back illuminated on each side (covering the band's PA speakers). I couldn't believe it, but The Eagles were even tighter than they were the year before. Joe Walsh was a madman on guitar, and the band really ripped up the place. Every note was clear and every harmony was perfect and sweet. A great concert, indeed. ------------------------- This space is reserved for the concerts I never got to see, but that would probably have made my list: Led Zepplin, circa 1973 to 1975 Pink Floyd, circa 1971 to 1977
I have no all time favorite concerts but here are 5 I remember the best 1) Rich Stadium in Buffalo 1975 CSNY with Santana 2) Same place,same year Stones and The Outlaws 3) The Dome arena Roch.NY 1976? Kiss,I thought the place was going to burn down.4) same place,same year? Urhia Heep and Black Oak, both great stage acts! 5) Roch.War Memorial 1973? Black Sabbath in their prime!
- Milton Keynes UK - 1982 i night only....never to be forgotten (the concert not the date!!)
Bowie 1972 Santa Monica.Bowie 1976 LA Forum. Bowie 1985 New Orleans,Super Dome (sons first concert, he was nine). Bowie 1992 Pensacola, Florida Civic Center.Bowie, 1992 Dodgers Stadium. Missed the Atlanta show where Bowie was touring with Nine Inch Nails do to a little storm called Hurrican Opal(gave the tickets to our son)Got wind in 1998 Bowie was going to play this warehouse in Atlanta.Got plane tickets to see that show too! Lots of shows in between from artists like the Stones, Who, Tull, Sabbath, Yes, Zepplin, and more.
5. Blue Oyster Cult (late '70s; State Fair Grounds, Beaumont, TX) - Hey, it makes the list just because it was a lot of fun. Hometown, open air stadium; way too cute girlfriend; appropriate substances abused. What more could you want? 4. Robert Plant (mid '80s; Colesium, Oakland, CA) - High point of this was the band backing him up. Made up almost exclusively by studio musicians, most of the members were recognizable names at the time. Technically speaking it was the best concert I've ever attended. Early in the show I pointed out that the drummer was exceptional and wondered aloud who it was. Turned out it was Phil Collins. 3. KISS (late 70's) - Too loud. Too theatrical. Too contrived. Too much fun. 2. Lynyrd Skynyrd (early '70s; Civic Center, Lake Charles, LA) - Just before they were discovered by the mainstream. Amazing rock 'n roll performers, they wrung it out for us. 1. ZZ Top (Thanksgiving Day at the Summit in Houston, TX; pick any one) - An annual event for years, I didn't miss a one until moving to CA made going impractical. Billy Gibbons is a monster guitar player who doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Their concerts stand out just from sheer numbers. (Yes, Charlie, the Fandango tour WAS as good as you remember.)
1. Peter Gabriel, with and without Genesis. 2.Tragically Hip-(tragically underappreciated). 3 Lou Reed/Feelies double bill 4.Dire Straights 5.tie-Richard Thompson/Warren Zevon. IF you'd give me 6, Supertramp 1978
Grateful Dead, MSG 9-21-90. What a killer darkStar! Jerry Garcia Band, Music Mountain 06-82. Jerry at his best. Jerry Garcia and John Kahn and Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ. 11-84, I would include both the early and late show. Excellent show with Jerry hitting a great groove through out the night. The Bird Song and Good Night Irene are to die for! BTW the show ended at around 3:30 am. Reggie Sun Splash of 1982. Okay I'm cheating here, it was 3 days and included the Dead, ending their shaw at 7:00am with a rainbow shinning behind them with the sun rising. The Clash, who after their set walked freely around the crowd. Peter Tosh, "the Bush Dr." Jimmy Cliff, Rita Marley and the Melody Makers, Sqeeze's last show, Black Uhuru, B-52's, Joe Jackson, Toots and the Maytails, and on and on... Simon and Garfunkle reunion at Central Park, 1981. What can I say, it was a magical momment.

Neil Young, Civic Auditorium, Portland Oregon, 1989

Beautiful acoustic set. Played Silver and Gold. Live

'Natural Beauty' showed up on the album 'Harvest Moon'

Bugs Henderson, Cascade Tavern, Vancouver WA, 2000.

Filthy tavern blood and guts blues guitar at it's best.

Mr. Eddie B. Campbell, Hot House, Chicago IL 1999.

My favorite guitar performance of all time. Maxi priest

from the temple of tone.

Liquid Soul, Chicago IL, 1999.

Amazing Jazz/rap/rock fusion group. Creative.

Allman Brothers, outdoor ampi, Vail Colorado, 1995.

Didn't have to buy your own pot to get high at

that one...

Page and Plant, Denver, 1996

My date asked me "who is led zeppelin", (swear to god)

Plant rocks, Tommy Lee on drums, and Page has gotten

even better !

Evie's Edge, Colorado Springs, 1997 (?)

Deb Ast played guitar like Jimmy Page. Scary part

was that the music was original. Great vocals too.

Cowboy Junkies, Black Eyed Man tour, Royal Oak MI, 1992

That voice !

Pat Metheny, Civic Aud, Des Moines IA, 2000.

Jazz guitar for folks like me!

Charles Lloyd, Alladin, Portland Oregon, 2000.

He's right up there with coltrane and co. My favorite

horn player. John abercombe was great too !

Village Vanguard, NYC, thursday before xmas, 1999

Thursday night jazz group. Have no idea what their

name was. Drummer talked to himself the whole set.

Guess I'd better stop now !

Park West in Chicago, Armitage & Clark St, small venue (1-2,000) club that was very posh and had great sound. From 1978-85 I saw many concerts, U2 from 1981 has to be close to best ever. Couple miles up Clark St you had Cabaret Metro near Wrigley, also small club, more bohemian (whiskey a-go-go of Chicago) but had the ultra cool "Smart Bar" in the basement. Must have seen at least 50-100 bands here! Unfortunately no longer live in Chicago.
Queen in 1978 in Germany... gooood one, John Cougar, ZZ Top, Bad Company, Fleetwood Mack. In that order.
I'll have to add another one. Just got back from The Billy Joel/Elton John concert in Salt Lake City, and it was very good. Well at least to me it was, I really enjoy both of their music. Okay so I can't have 6, let's drop Bad Company.
I used to volunteer for Rock Medicine so I caught lots of shows. I'll leave out the first Woodstock Festival and the first US Festival for obvious reasons. The Allman Brothers-Live at the Filmore East (they were the last band to play at the Filmore, before it was closed), Jethro Tull and Electric Light Orchastra-Oakland Coliseum, Band Of Gypsies-New Year's Eve at Filmore East, The Rolling Stones (I never missed a Rolling Stone concert, so it's hard to remember which one I liked the best), U2-Joshua Tree Tour San Diego Sports Arena, Buddy Guy w/Junior Walker-Bitter End Cafe in Greenwich Village, Pearl Jam at Cal Expo, Santana-Abraxis Tour, Mile Davis and John Coltrane at the Village Gate (or was it the Village Vanguard), Roy Buchanan at the Bottom End in San Francisco, John Lee Hooker and Canned Heat (Hooker and Heat) at Carnegie Hall and at least fifty more.
This concert was my first Dead show and included Bob Dylan. I feel this show was so good and the set list speaks for itself. I need only list this one rather than the 5 favorite concerts suggested.

BAND Grateful Dead
DATE 07/19/87
VENUE Autzen Stadium - University Of Oregon
CITY Eugene
SET1 Iko Iko [8:25] ; Feel Like A Stranger [7:47] ; Franklin's Tower
[9:27] ; New Minglewood Blues (1) [7:28] ; Peggy-O [6:12] ; Addams
Family Tuning ; When I Paint My Masterpiece [4:05] ; West L.A. Fadeaway
[7:15] ; Let It Grow [12:31]
SET2 Gimme Some Lovin' [5:20] > Playing In The Band [7:00] > He's Gone
[11:12] > Spoonful [6:35] > Drums [6:41] > Space [7:00] > The Wheel
[4:32] > Truckin' [6:32] > Wharf Rat [9:30] > Turn On Your Lovelight
SET3 Maggie's Farm [3:56] ; Dead Man, Dead Man [4:49] ; Watching The
River Flow [4:24] ; Simple Twist Of Fate [4:43] ; The Ballad Of Frankie
Lee And Judas Priest [5:13] ; Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis
Blues Again [6:11] ; Heart Of Mine [4:08] ; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
[5:01] ; Rainy Day Women #12 and #35 [4:29] ; Queen Jane Approximately
[6:15] ; Ballad Of A Thin Man [5:11] ; Highway 61 Revisited [4:44] ;
Tangled Up In Blue [7:13]
ENCORE Touch Of Grey [6:27] > All Along The Watchtower [4:54]
COMMENTS (1) Oregon fillies/T right here in Eugene now
CONTRIBUTORS [email protected], [email protected]
Nordostman, this show is widely available as a soundboard. Yes it was a great show! I hope you have it on CDR! I enjoyed many of the Dead/Dylan stuff throughout the years, mostly 86 and 87. Hey, even though it was great we can handle 4 more of your top shows. As a matter of fact, if they are all Dead shows that's alright with me.
Ramstl~I don't have a CDR of that show but would love one. If you know where I can find one let me know!

Ok my second favorite show was my last Dead show. This featured Traffic as the intro band with Steve Winwood onstage bangin' away at a grand piano. I couldn't find the sets for traffic but here is the setlist for the Dead. The highlight for me was Jerry doin Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds! The big screen was showing a view looking down on Jerry as he was playing and it looked as if it were snowing. The Dead were not at there best during this period but I loved the show anyway. It also featured Vince Welnicks best tune to date: Samba in the Rain. I still think this is a great tune!

BAND Grateful Dead
DATE 07/23/94
VENUE Soldier Field
CITY Chicago
SET1 Picasso Moon ; Sugaree ; New Minglewood Blues (1) ; Lazy River Road ;
When I Paint My Masterpiece ; Brown Eyed Women ; Cassidy
SET2 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds ; Samba In The Rain ; Playing In The Band
> Terrapin Station > Drums > Space > The Other One > Wharf Rat > One More
Saturday Night
ENCORE Knockin' On Heaven's Door
COMMENTS (1) acoustic Bob
RECORDING no recording info yet
CONTRIBUTORS (posting from dead-heads and/or
I have to go with Pink Floyd-The Wall Los Angeles 1981 only 35 shows worldwide, I've got some killer bootlegs on vinyl.
The Who 1981 tour Oakland Coliseum oudoors on a Sunday, Oakland Coliseum indoors on a Tues or Wed night and at the LA Coliseum the next Saturday. I saw Asia in a small theater, 1000 seats or so in San Francisco-the warmup act was a magician. Yes 90210 tour with no warmup band, they had Bugs Bunny cartoons. I'll end with Petty, the Dead and Dylan in RFK stadium 85 or 86 I think

In no particular order the shows that stand out for me were:

1.GWAR- America must be destroyed tour. BOGARTS IN CINCINNATI
2.NINE INCH NAILS- Pretty hate machine tour with MEAT BEAT MANAFESTO as the opening act . BOGARTS IN CINCINNATI
Ok I posted 2 so I got 3 more to go :^) Keeping with my theme of things they are also Dead shows. Hope this is not a problem for anyone.

3rd favorite:BAND Grateful Dead
VENUE Autzen Stadium, Univ. of Oregon
CITY Eugene
DATE 06/23/90
SET1 Feel Like A Stranger ; West L.A. Fadeaway ; Me And My Uncle › Cumberland Blues ; Far From Me ; They Love Each Other ; Cassidy ; Tennessee Jed › The Promised Land
SET2 [1:41:31 %] ; Eyes Of The World [15:24] › Looks Like Rain [8:35] › Crazy Fingers [8:24] › Playing In The Band [10:57] › Uncle John's Band % [9:02] › Playing Reprise [2:11] › Drums [8:03] › Space [9:18] › The Wheel [5:32] › I Need A Miracle [5:25] › Morning Dew [10:50]
ENCORE One More Saturday Night [4:59]
COMMENTS The cut in UJ Band is a cass flip that cuts some of the last verse, probably 45 seconds or so. At the end of Saturday Night, Bill Graham: "Let us give thanks to Little Feat and the Grateful Dead on this wonderful Saturday afternoon."
CONTRIBUTORS [email protected] (Dan Lynch)

Forth Favorite:

BAND Grateful Dead
DATE 06/18/89
VENUE Shoreline Amphitheater
CITY Mountain View
SET1 Foolish Heart ; Jack Straw ; Alabama Getaway ; Queen Jane Approximately ; Cold Rain & Snow ; Little Red Rooster ; Hey Pocky Away ; Iko Iko
SET2 Samson and Delilah ; Cumberland Blues ; Saint Of Circumstance ; He's Gone ; Drums ; The Wheel ; I Need A Miracle ; Stella Blue
ENCORE Around and Around ; Good Lovin' ; U.S. Blues
RECORDING no recording info yet

Fith and final favorite and I'm outta here:

BAND Grateful Dead
DATE 08/28/88
VENUE Autzen Stadium (U or Oregon)
CITY Eugene
SET1 Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodleloo ; Little Red Rooster ; Friend Of The
Devil ; Stuck In Mobile
With The Memphis Blues Again ; Foolish Heart ; Victim Or The Crime ; Don't Ease
Me In
SET2 Jack Straw ; Bertha ; Truckin' ; Terrapin Station ; Drums ; The Other One ;
Wharf Rat ; Throwing
Stones ; Not Fade Away
ENCORE Knockin' On Heaven's Door
RECORDING no recording info yet
If my words did glow with the gold of sunshine
And my tunes were played on the harp unstrung,
Would you hear my voice come thru the music,
Would you hold it near as it were your own?

Great posts and now I feel really old! As disco began to dominate the airwaves and rock began to fizzle I began to gravitate towards jazz fusion. I'm afraid that most of my rock concerts date back to the cretaceous period.

The Tubes at Bimbos in San Francisco 1976. The whole show was Off the Hook and Out of Control. At the end of the show no one would leave. They had a hell of a time emptying the place.

The Stones at the HIC 1973. I believe this was the last time the lovely Mick Taylor played live with the Stones. Great seats and black roses at the end.

Jethro Tull at the HIC 1971. Tull had not received any air play in Hawaii and were mostly unknown there. The HIC could hold about 9,000 + people and there was probably less than 1,000 at the concert. Stunning performance.

Hendrix at the Waikiki Shell. I was around 12 years old and tagged along with my older sister and her boyfriend. Hendrix played for about 45 minutes before the police shut him down for being too loud. This concert changed my life forever.

Jackson Brown, Linda Ronstat and The Eagles at the Waikiki Shell 1974. Good music and great talent all the way around.
Dekay: Santana 1972 concert was in the Diamond Head crater and played on the main stage. The infamous Crater Celebrations! These were the "Hawaiian Woodstocks" so to speak. Really unbelievable events! I was there too and from what I can remember it was a great show!