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Toshiba 4960 as a DVD-A transport
Maybe, but they also crap out and as I have stated I'm trying to avoid buying dixie cups. 
Toshiba 4960 as a DVD-A transport
I'm pretty familar with the mods that have been done, but since I'm only using it as a transport into my MSB Gold Link III, they really don't serve my purpose.Thanks for the thoughts, though!Ray 
Toshiba 4960 as a DVD-A transport
Since the 4690 has a history of crapping out on DVDA's should I realy look at buying another one? 
AR Turntable Gallery Pic of the Week
Exellent job. It is great seeing someone engage in a project like this. 
Your favorite versions of Aja and Katy Lied?
The original ABC version of Aja sound very good, IMO. 
MSB Gold Link III
It is a fine unit that sounds as good and better than other processors at its price point. When used with a REGA planet it inproved the sound greatly, i.e., more extended frequency extremes and tighter, better and depper bass. If you are familar w... 
Coolest looking vintage tuner.....
Here is a bit more info on the Mitsubishi DA-F20:The DA-F20 is an unusual-looking FM-only tuner whose front panel resembles an automobile dashboard. It has a 5-gang traditional tuning capacitor front end, and crystal referenced tuning with digital... 
Coolest looking vintage tuner.....
I'd go with the Mitsubishi DA-F20. It looks great and is often considered one of the better sounding tuners ever made. You can usually pick one up used for around $100-200. 
stereophile class b cdps of the past....late 90s
meridian 506.20 
Maggies...Measured Amp Power Requirements
I have no problems driving my Maggie 3A's with a Classe' 150. Prior to that I used a Classe' 101. I also owned 2A, which worked well with the 101 and a seventy.I also have a Mac 275, which absolutely can not be used on the Maggies. Well, maybe if ... 
Upgrading stock XLR jacks
Most XLR's are manufacture by Switchcraft or Neutrik, whether they are branded or OEM. My favorite is Neutrik.It is the pins in the XLR's that count! 
Turntables less than $1000 Recommendations ?
Ther are many chioce in the used catagory and most of them will be real winners:Look into Rega, Sota, MMF, Clear Audio, VPI and Well Tempered.Any table from these manufactures will give you great sound, although each does it in a slightly differan... 
What's wrong with this system?
I third the room issue. Before making any equipment changes you need to do something about ypour 15X15X8 room. 
Magnepan 3.6R vs. 2.7QR
The true ribbon is a great improvement over the QR. More air and extention. Also, the increased planar area also improves dynamics and resolution. If you upgrade you won't regret it!!!!!!!!!! 
Which amp is best to drive Magneplanar 1.6's?
Classe' work very well with Maggies. I run a pair of 3a's with a CA 150 with great results. I have also used a CA 101 and enjoyed them. I would suggest either a CA 150 or CA 200 or two 100's or 101's bridged. Any of these combinations would keep y...