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Phillip Glass Fans
Check out what he did with Bowies music 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
Jeff Buckley 
bands you truly miss
The Spiders From Mars 
Best lines in a song
She's a tongue twisting storm she will come to the show tonight praying to the light machine she wants my honey not my money she's a funky thigh collector layin on 'lectric dreams 
Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
People. Where is Hedges on your list? 
Joseph Audio RM33si vs. Coincident Super Eclipse
I have owned all of those speakers above, except for the Joseph 33. However, i do own the Rm 25s. I would take the Joseph audio without question. 
What song best describes you or your life?
Very interesting Krellman. I don't hear much about Mazzy Star on these pages. 
Should a good system sound bad with bad recording?
HELL YES! What. Are you new? 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
X5,250 4X4 Ford, Harley Davidson. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Simple: What speakers are in the Smithsonian ? 
The sealed LP... what is the point?
I don't know about the rest of you. But i live, and listen, for today. Therefor i open!! 
SACD anyone???
Rebecca Pigeon" The Raven" 
Apogee versus German Physics
I know you guys realize ribbon speakers are still going very strong. Infact, alot of dynamic speaker manufactures incorporate ribbons. Why? Light, airy, transparent sound. I challenge any dynamic speaker owner to put on Michael Hedges "Taproot" Or... 
Apogee versus German Physics
Rgs92. Only by being drunk, stupid,and playing Hendrix real loud. Next thing i new i was watching Jimmy setting his guitar on fire. No problem though. Ordered a new ribbon tweeter, install was easy, and they still jam today! Have never had any buz... 
Apogee versus German Physics
Being an Apogee owner for two decades, who has heard and owned several dynamic speakers. I feel confident in saying that the ribbon is hard to beat. The Apogee is still a remarkable, & unique speaker! I really don't think i can ever part with ...