Yak, Yak, Yak......and more yak.....


You simply have to drop some cash, hear the speakers and start making up your minds. Figure out what the hell you are truly seeking for "your sound". Please get on with it.

I am trying to challenge you, and get you off your pissy block. As I have said previously, dropping cash allowed me to find my sound.

Read, research and get an idea of what kind of sound you are looking for. Most all, give up that illusive 'perfection' that audiophiles are known for.

I simply wish you the best. Now let us listen, and enjoy some tunes:)
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Drop cash my ass. Start choppin' wood!
Thank you! That's the pep talk I needed!! ;)
- This message brought to you by Benjamin Bernanke and the Presidental Economic Advisory board :)
Froms the steeps of Mongolia comes the Yak, the next thing in speakers, with cones woven from edelweiss and wormwood and cabinets of birch and pine.
Not having crossovers they are of the widebander variety with the tendency to dominate and pillage anything that's played on them.

All the best,
Your right, straight to the store tomorrow!
I have been hearing about the Yak Yak Yak speakers..
Made by Ojamatiko Q Yak and sons...

The dominate and pillage is the latest thing in audio circles..
Playing these speakers for your audiophile buddies is as good as giving them a good beat-down.
Is this directed at me? :-)
Someone forgot to take his medication.....

This is a please get a life thread!!
No sir.
"Pissy block"???????
I believe the "Pissy block" is an extra cost option with the Yak Yak Yak.
The beat down is standard equipment.