Anyone of you ever heard of Dissanayake?

This manufacturer is very well known in Italy where he lives and builds tube electronics of (if this still makes sense) extreme quality.
The point with Mr D. is its originality in circuits and tubes never used or rarely seen in audio designs!
I heard rumors that he produces alone and from scratch all the parts and labours of the various models. If this is true he must be considered a genius of tube gear. Just take a look to the photogallery page of his Web site:
Eclectic bunch of pictures and no info on their site to know what's under the hood but I like the red chassis!

@ david: that's part of the game, you don't have to know but just listen! :)
Anyway there is a little list of features at the end of the photogallery, that seems interesting.
People that I know, and whose mind I trust, tell me that these electronics are very well made and sound good.
Since listening is out, looking and reading is the only option.
This brand is really cool.
I've never seen that site before.

I think that it has purchasers also outside Italy, because a friend of mine in London, some time ago, told me something about the qualities of these amps and preamps he heard once in a system.
So, the purpose of this posting was not really a question but an opportunity to get the word out about this company. That's known as an "advertisement." Next time, just buy an ad!
@Tonykay: you are definitely getting the wrong end of the stick.
The brand sales only in his country of origin so it has no need to advertise outside.
I had a phone call about Dissanayake last week and I have no relationship with the brand whatsoever: I've even forgiven the tags of [url etc. to the opening post, to make clickable the link! Now you can figure out.
Looks like exquisitely built gear, some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thanks!

As gear porn goes, that gallery rates high. Thanks for the link.
kind of like Shindo, only red instead of green?
Looks like exquisitely built gear, some of the most beautiful I've ever seen. Thanks!


I agree with you Rlwainwright, I like the gold/chrome units and their engravings.
The what??
@Ebm: if you watch the photogallery, you will notice that some of the front panels with the logo on them, were made before the cnc computer controlled era! Those were certainly made with a pantograph and hand carved on metal: they are engravings indeed!! Incredible workmanship and attention to the fine detail for an audio product.
kind of like Shindo, only red instead of green?

Shindo builds with the help of PCB, Dissanayake's electronics have no PCB, the type and diameter of every unternal cable is choosen taking care of different currents carried...
A new page has been added on that website!

Nice story!