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Warm, rich sounding interconnects?
Inna, been involved in high and ultra high end industry for nearly three decades selling systems in the hundreds of thousands most are wired with very inexpensive cables. Statements like above about cable prices only prove your limited experience!... 
Warm, rich sounding interconnects?
We have interconnects that we bundle with digital equipment for our clients. It's very musical and detailed but adds a little body so it's perfect for application like yours. They're $25/pair plus shipping with money back guarantee, contact me off... 
$35K to spend, how will you build a system?
You don’t ask people who aren’t there themselves yet, they’re only guessing or wishing like you are! Best bet find a dealer or friend with the type of sound you like and give them your budget. With $35k you should get exactly what you want if the ... 
Request advice-need "brighter" speakers than Totem Hawks
You mention that your room is pretty dead, heavy curtains and carpeting can and do suck up high frequencies. Just walk over to area behind your speakers and talk, see what happens to your voice. Then change your speaker cables to Radio Shack Mega ... 
JBL Everest DD67000 vs. Avantgarde Duo Mezzo
Hi haroon,whart is correct you can't drive the Everest with a SET the woofers need current and some power to come alive, otherwise its a fantastic speaker, one go the best out there. The Duos are semi active, for me that's a problem, the woofer cr... 
tube monoblocks and preamp recommendations
I’m a vintage dealer and have had several model 19s in the past. It’s one of those speakers that straddles the efficiency and not so eficient fence. The model 19’s woofer does need a certain amount of power to come to life but a solid state amp wi... 
No bass with new turntable?
Dkarmeli, I suppose price is relevant. The Esprit DC is no VPI Scout by any means, but it's not a Crosley either. It fits in with my system and budget, and I can at least upgrade the cart down the line. I'm not sure what type of bass a much higher... 
No bass with new turntable?
And your point is?Even a Pro-ject Carbon Espirit fitted with an Ortofon 2M Red is capable of delivering very good bass. Yes, the OP has a problem but its not the price tag! And we are all trying to help him solve it. If you have any technical advi... 
Horn Speakers and Sub Woofers
Not to be a smart ass but they now have these things called music videos and the ones on BluRay can have rather good audio. I also enjoy the few multichannel SACDs I own on the HT. OP's question was specific to home theater & movies!david 
No bass with new turntable?
Don't know why the elephant in the room hasn't been addressed by anyone and I don't want to be snarky but what did you expect from that tt, you know what it cost?david 
Horn Speakers and Sub Woofers
There's nothing to be concerned about with HT, all you have is processed fake sound effects. david 
Is a Denon POA 2400 class A amp considered a high current amp?
Unless its defective or modified the Denon POA 2400 was a pleasant sounding amplifier with the typical Denon house sound. It easily capable to  drive your Maggies.david 
What vintage speaker might you use today
Check out my systems, vintage speakers all the way.david 
TA Zeus or Kiseki Purple Heart?
"Natural" is the key adjective, everything else will become boring in time...David 
Lamm 1.2 tubes, power cable and slight one channel
Disclaimer- I'm a Lamm dealer.The dealer should be troubleshooting them for you! My favorite replacement tubes are Telefunken, Mullard or Amperex, the sonic benefit is worth the money for these tubes.Best sound with Lamm stock cords! They're black...