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TA Zeus or Kiseki Purple Heart?
"Natural" is the key adjective, everything else will become boring in time...David 
Lamm 1.2 tubes, power cable and slight one channel
Disclaimer- I'm a Lamm dealer.The dealer should be troubleshooting them for you! My favorite replacement tubes are Telefunken, Mullard or Amperex, the sonic benefit is worth the money for these tubes.Best sound with Lamm stock cords! They're black... 
Spu bottom parallel to record?
The loading depends on the phono stage, some have SUTs and some don't and they're some with variable gain. The specs are on Ortofon's site. They also have a SPU dedicated SUT.davidDisclaimer- Ortofon dealer 
Spu bottom parallel to record?
Yes, start with the raised part around the cantilever parallel to the record and fine tune from there.david 
Speaker Advice?
Corner horns like Klipsch! I can't thing of any other type of speaker to sound right under those conditions, irrespective of port position.david 
Please help diagnose sudden turntable problem
Scott, its summer electricity and there's nothing we can do about it. I get the same thing happening in my systems during the summer month. You hear grunge, noise and bass becomes very rough, like a dinosaur growl. Digital gets affected too but no... 
Hum in phono that comes and goes
Sounds like you have a loose connection somewhere.david 
Need a power cord for Garrard 301.
Jtnicolosi,Thanks for the kind words. I also have a couple of Garrard 301s & 401s too, I can guarantee you that unless the power cord is damaged, any old one will do perfectly. As a matter of fact I don't have a power cord that cost me more th... 
Need a power cord for Garrard 301.
Just visit Radio Shack, they have what want.david 
How good is the Obsidian plinth of Technics SP10 ?
Had the MK3 with the Obsidian base and it was excellent and matched the SP10 well. Limitation was the length and no. of arms. I never liked the table in the wooden plinths that were available at the time in the Far East.You should ask Albert about... 
Koetsu Jade v SPU classic v FR 7 fz cartidges
Howardlex, the SPU was and still is a great cartridge at any price. Many are influenced by price and hype but what you hear in your system is accurate ime. david 
VPI, Graham, Koetsu advice please
Setup aside, your Koetsu never was the last word in resolution and I can understand why you find it veiled compared to your Lyra. Its also more colored compared to what you're used to. You can also try plugging it in directly to your LP2, you migh... 
Techdas TDC 01 cartridges
They're basically the same cartridge with minor sonic differences and among the very best of today. Same level as Ortofon's McAnna, very natural and musical; the best compliment I can give any piece of audio gear.david 
Solar/cellular shades -acoustical treatment
What I meant was to look at the room as one space and not as separate bits. You have to look at the room as one connected space and not just treat one side without thinking about the opposite side. You need to balance both sides acoustically first... 
Analog Impressions from Munich High End 2015
Looks like long arms are coming in vogue again.david