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Solar/cellular shades -acoustical treatment
Joe, I've come across both in various installations, neither one of them offers any acoustical properties worth talking about. I wouldn't spend money changing from one to the other. Treating large glass surfaces effectively is very tough, there ar... 
JBL Project K2 S9900 Speakers Anyone Know ???
Im not a JBL dealer but know them well and am also familiar with most of your listed speakers, personally I'll take the K2 over any of them!david 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
What part, even on paper are you referring to Geoff that will enhance the musicality of the SP10? david 
SP10mk2: OMA Graphite plinth vs.Dobbins plinth
Chakster, the plinth will have a direct effect on the sound but not knowing anything about your Taiwanese base you might be trading in the best one for the looks of another! IME the best SP10 base was the Obsidian one built by Technics, the rest a... 
Sound Labs
I'm not familiar with those particular models but the A1 with the right amplification was one of the best speakers I ever owned. And I've owned quite a few...david 
Getting more bass from Altec Bolero 890c Speakers
They are what they are, Boleros are bookshelf speakers. You're not going to get deeper bass from them. You can't cheat physics, box size and the woofer's Q factor are the determining parameters here. Applying random damping materials will only cre... 
Miyajima Kansui vs Dynavector XV-1S
Win,It could be that I had a defective sample but I came across the same thing in a client's system recently and we ended up replacing it with another brand; but I didn't do the initial setup there so maybe something was off there too.davidPS. I o... 
Miyajima Kansui vs Dynavector XV-1S
Win, I found the Myajima already lacking and strange sounding at certain frequencies, with your comment I wonder how bad the Dyna is. My only experience with it is in a friend's system I was trouble shooting recently. The system was heavily tweake... 
Step Down Converter - Does it degrade the sound?
In my experience an AC transformer has direct affect on SQ, never seen it not to. Transformers imparted antiseptic qualities in the systems I've sold and/or installed. I would avoid them specially since you have no way to testing the effects of th... 
Tonearm wiring termination---DIN, or RCA jacks?
RCA, in my experience DIN connection is prone to crosstalk.david 
What makes a better phono cable ?
Syntax, you're still making unfounded and unproven rubbish statements as factoids, why?david 
What makes a better phono cable ?
Al, (Almarg), I recognize bs that's why I called him (Syntax) on it and of course he doesn't have a reply. I know about measuring impedance, conductivity, resistance, etc. but never heard of a way to measure transfer of information in this way spe... 
What makes a better phono cable ?
Syntax, where did you get this from? Its nonsense."Silver wire (silver can carry 6% more information than copper and 16% more than gold)" Aside from all the variables, what kind of instrument was used to measure transfer of information? david 
What makes a better phono cable ?
Silver has its own character that might not be to everyone's tastes. Personally, I despise it whenever I hear it, but each to his own.david 
Kendrick Sound JBL 4350 for music Bar
This is the part I like in that article and feel the same when it comes to high end,"People talk about "musical system" these days. Well, for me, there are two kinds of "musical system". One that connects you to the music so strongly that you forg...